Navy chief a disgrace to his uniform

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YOURSAY 'Admiral Abdul Aziz, no one can believe that Dr M didn't talk politics in support of BN to the Navy personnel in Lumut.'

Dr M allowed in as he didn't talk on politics, says navy

your say Better My: "Former prime minister Mahathir (Mohamad) was allowed in because he did not talk about politics. He came here to talk about solidarity," said Navy chief Abdul Aziz Jaafar.

Does Abdul Aziz has any grey cells?

Fair&Just: "Solidarity" for and against what? Is there an enemy force bearing down on the nation?

And allowing Mahathir (who issued ICs to illegals) to speak to the Navy is also tantamount to treason as it will affect the morale, solidarity and spirit of our armed personnel.

Wira: Admiral Abdul Aziz, no one can believe that Dr M didn't talk politics in support of BN to the Navy personnel in Lumut.

How about posting his speech verbatim on YouTube and let us be the judge.

Anonymous #19098644: Instead of a professional naval admiral, we have a politicised Umno man disguised as head of the Navy.

No wonder, despite the heavy investments in our navy, we could not even intercept the 200 terrorists who attacked Sabah - the same intruders that the Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein at first claimed were not militants or terrorists .

And Abdul Aziz wants Malaysians to belief that Mahathir took time to specially speak to a captive audience of 2,000 naval personnel about the colour of his songket?

LittleGiant: If talking about "solidarity" and asking to support "the government in power" is not politics, then what is it? Can we call it "bedtime story" and "nursery rhymes"?

James1067: No wonder we have civil servants serving their political masters who put them there not because of their capabilities but their loyalty.

It is time to separate the different divisions of government and let the civil service regain back its dignity.

When politicians control the defence of the nation, there is a chance of the country been exposed to the danger we have experienced in Lahat Datu.

Astounded: By his comments, Abdul Aziz has made his Navy chief's position a political appointment. So when there is a change in government, he should resign and allow the government to get someone else who is more professional to take over.

Tehachapi: Abdul Aziz, why the need to provide excuses and make yourself looks like fool. You know the intention and it is clear to all and sundry.

Our so-called leaders are all without moral values and credibility. How much longer can this country go on living on lies and wallowing in lies? Change and radical change is our only way to survival as a nation.

Multi Racial: How low can Abdul Aziz go?

He allowed two politicians (Lumut incumbent parliamentarian Kong Cho Ha and caretaker Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi) entry into the naval base, claiming they will not talk politics but disallowed his former colleague (Lumut candidate First Admiral (Rtd) Mohamad Imran Abdul) to get in, claiming he will talk politics.

This is an act of betrayal of a friend and former colleague. He has sold his soul to the devils.

OMG!!: Instead of defending the politicians, Abdul Aziz might as well spend more time defending the country especially Sabah's coastline from free access by the Suluks and other terrorists.

Milosevic: The BN politicians are scoundrels and cowards who do not believe in real, fair competition. They have no respect for Malaysians and see the country as their fiefdom.

All people under their control, from the admirals to the Election Commission officials, are reduced to telling lies, lose any sense of integrity and self-respect, and routinely mock the basic intelligence of their fellow citizens.

This is the Africanisation of Malaysian politics, at a time when Africa is on the mend. Shame on them.

Restless_Native: Abdul Aziz is symptomatic of what is wrong with people in pre-eminent positions within the infrastructure of this country. He is a bigoted, self-promoting puppet of the BN regime.

It will take years to purge this type of cancer from the administration. Mahathir can spew his standard racial venom - pitting race against race while BN chief Najib Razak is espousing 1Malaysia.

Instead of being neutral in his position, Abdul Aziz takes sides since he has "made it" and exhibits his pathetic sycophantic overtures to Mahathir.

I hope the rank-and-file has had enough evidence of the "largess" of the current administration to ensure Abdul Aziz and his type are relegated to some forgotten corner of Malaysian history.

Tukangkarut: The Navy chief is ridiculing the rakyat's intelligence. Why must Mahathir accompanied by the caretaker defence minister meet the navy personnel at this very moment in the campaigning period, just before the May 5 general election?

Anonymous #71627369: Malaysia is a land of logically illogical people.

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