Will the ex-judge be charged with sedition?

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YOURSAY 'The police say that 28 speakers at the Kelana Jaya assembly on May 8 were making seditious speeches. What about Mohd Noor?'

Ex-judge warns Chinese of backlash for 'betrayal'

your say Ferdtan: Police, arrest former Court of Appeal judge Mohd Noor Abdullah. We think what he said at the ‘GE13 post-mortem: Muslim leadership and survival' forum borders on sedition.

Based on the standards used by the police to arrest the opposition leaders for sedition for something much less, Mohd Noor should be arrested and charged in court.

Noor must be censured and condemned vigorously by all Malaysians. Let us lay our politics aside, BN or Pakatan Rakyat, this obnoxious ex-judge must be punished so that no one would dare to play racial politics again.

We are extremely ashamed to have an ex-judge to come out with such statements. Your family and your children should be shocked to have a father who speaks like you did.

Fairplayer: Quote: In an immediate reaction, DAP chairperson Karpal Singh described Mohd Noor's remarks as seditious.

"There is no doubt Mohd Noor has used language which is extremely provocative. What he has said amounts to sedition. I call upon the police to have the necessary report lodged against Mohd Noor with a view to his being charged for sedition."

Karpal, the day your words are heeded by the police and the day this racist looney is charged with sedition is the day Malaysia is liberated from racism. I wait impatiently for that day to dawn in Malaysia.

Anonymous #49857050: It's amazing, the police say that 28 speakers at the Kelana Jaya assembly on May 8 were making seditious speeches. What about Mohd Noor's speech, was it not seditious? I can't imagine that he was an appellate court judge.

DrumBeat: Isn't it not long ago the Malay Chamber of Commerce lamented that even they do not benefit from the New Economic Policy (NEP) which favours the bumiputera.

I wonder why it is so for over 40 years that the Malay bumiputera have not benefitted from NEP but we have a few well-known Malay billionaires, especially those closely connected to those who rule Malaysia.

To provide and reserve two-thirds quota for bumiputera will certainly increase the wealth of these billionaires and not the general Malay bumiputera.

Tehachapi: My learned judge, you can't stop the march of time. The new generation fortunately does not think the same as you do.

Please know the truth, outside of your small privileged and protected class, everyone else in Malaysia has to earn a living. No one gives us free food and lodging. Even Umno can't afford to give us more than a few hundred ringgit in return for votes.

It would be a national disaster to have 67 percent of able bodied bumiputera waiting to be fed by 37 percent of non-bumiputera. Are we really intent on building a nation of invalids?

Are you suggesting that we crawl back to the dark ages or to the pre-Merdeka days?

Krish: It beats me how such seditious statements can come from a former Court of Appeal judge. Shame on him for tarnishing the image of the judiciary.

This is a dangerous precedent and it should be checked before it gets out of hand. If he can get away with it, merely because of his past position, then there's no telling that others will want to try their luck.

Well, the ball is at the feet of the police to act. The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), too, should review his position in its complaints committee. Finally, the Bar Council should also state its stand on this matter.

Hearty Malaysian: This ex-judge knows what he says is seditious and yet he speaks without fear because he knows the Umno-run government will not charge him with the act of threatening the people who do not support the current regime. Utusan Malaysia is another glaring example.

Tim'sTime: The support for BN will only come if they manage the country's wealth properly. Until and unless they change for the better and stop milking the rakyat on toll and taxes, our vote will continue to go anyone - Pakatan or any party - who don't increase our country's national debt.

RM502 billion of deficit is already going into the extreme given the resources that Malaysia has. There is no reason to have a deficit budget.

By right, we should be a developed country and have an economy stronger than Singapore, Brunei, South Korea and Taiwan. We are so lagging behind these countries.

What is BN going to do about it? Continue to increase the deficit to an even higher amount?

Quigonbond: Mohd Noor, by continuing the line of attack that the May 5 poll results was a Chinese tsunami, and knowing full well that the Chinese only constitute 25 percent of the population, and not all of them voted for Pakatan, you have just admitted that the other 26 percent of the population who voted for Pakatan are not Malaysians. Are they foreigners then?

You can't have it both ways. It's either a Chinese tsunami, or it is not. If it is a Chinese tsunami, then BN has to answer for treason for allowing that many foreigners to vote. But if they are not foreigners, then they are Malaysians, and this continued accusation of Chinese tsunami is a lie.

But in the end, we know what's the Umno game plan. Pakatan is hot on your heels asking for accountability of electoral fraud, and the Election Commission can't even answer the simple question of the ‘delible' ink.

This is a diversion, but it's dangerous. To the hot tempered mat rempit, if Umno provokes you to take it out on the Chinese, I suggest you think carefully. Some deeds cannot be undone.

Mahashitla: The idiotic mind of this ex-judge tells us all about Umno's 56 years rule - if the Chinese voted for any Malay who is not from Umno, then they have betrayed the Malays and will face their backlash.

Such threats are not going to work in the present Internet age and Umnoputras are just too rich and have too much to lose to want to create trouble. Perhaps the police should haul him up for his seditious speech, which may be seen as inciting Malays to rise against the Chinese.

It is people like Mohd Noor that 51 percent right-thinking voters of all races were convinced that they should not vote for any party which is associated with Umno. Fifty-three percent of voters in the peninsula (who voted against BN) cannot be all wrong.

Amir H: As a Malaysian first and Malay second, this so-called judge's views are not shared by the majority of my community.

His pathetic vitriolic is not promoted in Islam, rather condemned in the highest order. He, Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali and their like should be condemned, shunned and thrown into the vaults of oblivion, never to resurface again in this day and age.

Mavelikara: A Malaysiakini reader requested that all comments here be forwarded to the ex-judge. It's a brilliant idea. Let him realise that there is a new Malaysia.

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