New home minister wants 51pct to find new home

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YOURSAY 'To Zahid, the priority of the home minister is to ask more than half of Malaysians to get a new home in other countries.'

Migrate, Zahid tells those unhappy with GE13 results

your say Starr: How diabolical for a senior minister in PM Najib Razak's cabinet to make such a statement - to encourage Malaysians to emigrate if they are not happy with the May 5 general election results.

New Home Minister Zahid Hamidi is indeed disappointing to have written such a statement, bringing the integrity of Najib's new cabinet into question.

Zahid would do well to read the will of the rakyat as reflected in the election results, for the rakyat have indeed spoken.

For Umno-BN to secure the government with a minority popular vote is in itself a fraud by way of tampering of electoral boundaries through gerrymandering .

Rampant legalising illegals and enrolling them as voters is another damning indictment of electoral fraud.

LifeGoesOn: To Zahid, the priority of the home minister is to ask more than half of Malaysians to get a new home in other countries.

Real Truth: This a report from Jakarta Post on March 22, titled ‘Malaysian defence minister visits ‘home'':

"Malaysian Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi revealed his Javanese heritage on Thursday in Yogyakarta during his state visit. He said he had Javanese blood as his paternal grandparents originally came from Kulonprogo in Yogyakarta.

‘I am coming home," Zahid told The Jakarta Post , adding that he would be staying in Yogyakarta for two days with his wife, having attended the Jakarta International Defence Dialogue (JIDD) on Wednesday.

"While in Yogyakarta, Zahid plans to meet relatives including Yogyakarta Mayor Haryadi Suyuti and friends, including the Yogyakarta sultan's brother, GBPH Joyokusumo as well as visiting the royal cemetery in Imogiri, Bantul.

"Zahid said that his grandparents moved from Kulonprogo to Malaysia in 1932, while his mother's grandfather had come from Ponorogo, East Java, and later married a Malaysian woman."

MalaysianTsunami: Zahid, if my grandparents came to Malaya earlier than yours, can someone call you a ‘pendatang' too?

Reformasi: Dear Home Minister, GE13 is over. Many of us are not happy with the results. We have a right to express how we feel, as you have a right to express your views too.

But incumbent upon you as a minister, your views have to be expressed with responsibility, temperance and moderation. To tell people to migrate if they are not happy with the election results is akin to bringing yourself down to the level of dirty, divisive and destructive politics.

You are a minister and a national leader. National healing, reconciliation and seeking a common ground based on respect and peaceful co-existence with those of differing views should be yours (and your cabinet colleagues) top priority now.

This is my country as it is yours.

Doc: So Zahid is asking 51.78% of Malaysians to leave the country. Umno has always urged the unhappy Chinese and Indians to back to India and China, but where would the Malays who voted Pakatan go?

JBGuy: Zahid, don't be so brash, you must understand that the majority of Malaysians have rejected Umno's or BN's ways. Instead of shooting off your hip, you should strive to understand the underlying resentment of the rakyat and address those concerns.

As home minister, stop playing politics and work on making Malaysia a safe place. If you are unable to make your mark, please step down honourably.

Multi Racial: I am Chinese Malaysian. I do not have any problem if there are no Chinese representative in the cabinet. What is more important is those appointed to be representatives are those who are smart, honest and capable.

Unfortunately Zahid Hamidi does not possess any of those qualities. Who appointed him? Please sack him.

Citizen Peter: I won't migrate because this is my only home. I won't migrate because Malaysia is a wonderful country and Najib, Zahid and their Umnoputra gang are the main destroyers of this Eden.

We must stay to get them out before they do more harm to this country. I love Malaysia. As a medical practitioner, I work very hard to serve my patients, and I never take anything that belongs to the people.

I am loyal to the constitution - the original one by our founding fathers before Umno and gang made it into a piece of playdough. Zahid, do you dare tell the kampung folks how many times BN has changed the constitution to suit itself?

ACR: Talk sensibly, home minister. The people you are asking to leave are in the majority. What nerve you have.

The Westminister system also requires a functioning opposition. If you don't like that, then migrate to China or North Korea.

Bijan: Those corrupted leaders who milk the country's coffers dry should be the one to migrate or be charged for treason. Other Malaysians who love this country should stay on to protect our motherland.

Timo100: Zahid, the number of comments in Malaysiakini (over 500) clearly shows how sick people are with your remarks.

Please grow up and cut the crap. Do something to win back the people, especially since you are part of a government that does not have the majority of the popular votes.

Malays are migrating - from Umno to Pakatan

It's the gerrymandering, stupid

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