It's the gerrymandering, stupid

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YOURSAY 'Home Minister Zahid, the ‘first past the post' is not the fault here. It is the way BN has implemented it.'

Migrate, Zahid tells those unhappy with GE13 results

your say Onyourtoes: Home Minister Zahid Hamidi, please listen good. In the first place, the electoral system that we have today is not as stipulated in our original constitution. It is a system that has been manipulated by your party during the past five decades.

So please don't ever say the opposition has no respect of the country's electoral system. But you are right if you say we have zero respect for the system that your party has currently put in place because it was not based on ‘one man, one vote' system.

It violates the very essence of parliamentary democracy where even if rural constituencies are given higher weightage, such an advantage should not be so excessive.

It is our right to continue to agitate for change. It is up to you to listen or not to listen. But if you can't stand our ranting anymore, I suggest you resign and take a break in Timbuktu or elsewhere.

Please don't ask us to migrate; this is not your country alone.

Apa Nama: Zahid, the ‘first past the post' is not the fault here. It's the way BN has implemented it.

BN did not follow the original delineation whereby the difference between two constituencies should be no more that 20 percent as far as population is concerned.

Later BN amended to 50 percent and now even some parliamentary constituencies have about 20,000 voters while others have 140,000. This is what we dispute - the skewing of the results by BN.

Restless_Native: No surprise here - arrogance, steadfast refusal to learn the lessons of GE13 and no capacity for original thought.

PM Najib Razak, in a way I feel sorry for you. I would have expected the PM to gather his new cabinet line-up and brief them of a 'new approach' with the stipulation that the old arguments (such as this one by this kampung boy) should never be raised.

It looks like another five years of the same diatribe from this 'new' BN line-up. Najib, get rid of all your ministers over 35. While you are at it, purge all your ministries of the top 25 percent of the leadership (on early retirement) and take a similar approach with the GLCs (government-linked companies), too.

None of them has delivered to expectations, so no loss there. Maybe then, just maybe... you might have a chance at true reform.

Up2U: Hell hath no fury when a minister of Zahid's temperament is appointed to head the Home Ministry. Malaysians and political leaders from the opposition, beware!

It just show Najib is not sincere in bringing Malaysians together. We might as well change Malaysia to a dictatorship where no election is required.

LittleGiant: A typical outburst from a Umno-BN minister. Most ministers in the country's cabinet do not have the ability to absorb and understand issues in a broad and open-minded perspective.

They lack tact and cannot articulate in an intelligent manner. There is no point fretting about it. BN has, and will always have, leaders who will only 'react' and cannot 'respond'.

LKT: With all the cheating, Pakatan Rakyat still won in Penang, Selangor and Kelantan.

Now without cheating, Pakatan would have won in Perak and Terengganu as well as the control over Putrajaya. Also Pakatan won all but two of the parliament seats in Kuala Lumpur. This is a fact.

The BN government is illegitimate because it won through massive election fraud engineered by Election Commission (EC) and National Registration Department (NRD).

We will and must remind BN everyday of this fact.

Whatsup: Zahid, it's a shame to us having you in the cabinet and as a fellow Malaysian, this is unbelievably insulting and hurting.

Despite all of you stealing billions and billions of our money, betraying the country, the rakyat and Agong, indulging in deceit, blatant lies to hoodwink others, and other heinous acts most unbecoming of civilised men, did we law-abiding citizens ask you to leave?

So what kind of man are you to be so cruel to those who only want what's good for the rakyat and country, unlike you who only know what's good for yourself, your bank account (goes without saying) and your masters.

Ferdtan: Leaders become famous by having their statements immortalised on their important day. We have example like US president Abrahim Lincoln who at the end of American Civil War made one of the best-known speeches in the American history.

The Gettysburg Address was delivered by Lincoln at the dedication for the fallen soldiers after the defeat of Confederacy south with a call for "a new birth of freedom that would bring true equality to all its citizens."

Here, in Malaysia, the moment an Umno leader is appointed as a new home minister, he called for the opposition supporters to get out of the country if they are not happy with the country's electoral system.

Yes, Zahid this is your most ‘famous' first words - we will never let you forget that. One day you are going to eat those words.

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New home minister wants 51pct to find new home

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