Don't import Umno culture into Selangor PKR

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YOURSAY 'Azmin and Zuraida represent the Umno culture in PKR. Anwar should not let these two stifle Khalid's efforts.'

PKR pushes for greater control of Khalid's admin

your say Boiling Mud: Selangor was won not by PKR alone, why are these PKR leaders making so much noise about having more control over MB Khalid Ibrahim's admininstration?

This Umno political culture must not be allowed to fester in the Pakatan Rakyat state governance or face the dire consequence of the state returning to Umno-BN in the next GE.

Since when Selangor PKR deputy chairperson Zuraida Kamaruddin has become the spokesperson for the Selangor palace by saying that "the palace is a bit concerned because the DAP won 15 seats, but it was more a cautionary word and is not binding."

Let the palace speaks for itself. Anyway, by the power vested on him by the Selangor electorate, Khalid should put his foot down.

Mayvbwell: Selangor PKR chief Azmin Ali and Zuraidah represent the Umno culture in PKR. Party de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim should not let these two stifle Khalid's efforts to win more seats in Selangor come GE14.

Otherwise Selangor is as good as given to Umno-BN by default.

Yasil50513: DAP and PAS have more seats than PKR and both have rightly and graciously given the MB's post to PKR because of Khalid's excellent achievement.

The senior exco's post should go to DAP or PAS. Azmin has a point that the road maintenance needs more attention, as such it is proposed he be in charge of this and Zuraida can assist by being given portfolio for garbage collection.

Pemerhati: Zuraida said, "The palace is a bit concerned because the DAP won 15 seats". Really. If it is true, then the sultan has to let everyone know why he is concerned.

KnockKnock: Azmin, the non-Malays have given their trusts to us Malays. Their girls had even painted their cheeks ‘green with white circle', which Malays themselves have never ever done. Why must you be the person to spoil it? Why?

Anonymous #07910507: It is nauseating to see everybody parroting praise of Khalid and denigrating Azmin. I think both are of same Umno mould.

Did not Khalid benefit from Umno cronyism so he could be a millionaire? Or was it just pure hard work?

If these people open their eyes and minds they can see Khalid did not bring anything new to Selangor except a big bank balance. He did nothing to improve the conditions of governance or the poor, just paltry water concession of a few ringgit. Otherwise, nothing.

Petaling Jaya where I live is stinking; roads and drains are full of filth and blocked. You must see the housing quarters of poor people in Kampung Medan, you will have a shock.

Please, stop this nonsense. Nobody is supporting Azmin to be MB. But you cannot be blind to Khalid's insensitivity to the conditions of the poor and poor handling of civil servants, who are continuing the same old Umno style - full of corruption and negligence.

Hacks: This worries me, when they mentioned about Azmin to manage the "abundant resources, including land, investments and infrastructure".

Anwar should be wise about this as Selangor will be the reflection of Pakatan's federal government.

Quigonbond: Azmin is a controversy magnet. So far, Selangor administration has been impenetrable when it comes to allegations of corruption. Will Azmin play ball with Khalid for strict processes?

If not, it's better for him to have a senior position but only in name, for show of seniority. We can't have two captains running one ship. And we can't have an inner circle that questions more than supports Khalid. It'll simply render the state administration ineffective.

Maybe Khalid can put Azmin's political prowessness to deal with the water issue. If Azmin resolves the issue, that's high profile for him as well.

Shanandoah: Nobody is indispensable in politics. Azmin and Zuraida must go. They have no place in PKR.

The senior executive councillor must come from the DAP. Preferably a woman must be chosen to reflect the wishes of more than half the population in Selangor.

Anwar is in a dilemma for bringing in 'rejects' from Umno. Now he faces the problem of race and religion in PKR.

Changeagent: Azmin Ali's head is getting too big for his own good. Just because he is PKR's state chairperson and national deputy president doesn't mean that he deserves or is owed a senior exco post in the Selangor government.

Khalid, with the backing of the Pakatan coalition leadership, would be right to resist any attempts by Azmin's power-hungry factional group to make demands important roles in the GLCs (government-linked companies) and the MB's office.

He must be given free reins to gather the most effective state exco team possible to serve the people, rather than to pander or be distracted by a few greedy PKR politicians who have clear self-interests and personal agendas.

I blame Anwar for this predicament. After all, it was he who appointed Azmin over MB Khalid as PKR's state chairperson in Selangor.

Cala: If I were Khalid, what should I do? What is the best course of action? Suppose the issue at hand is about the utility of a common-pool resource and so many people are clamouring for it, what should I do?

Well, it depends on whether Khalid is by nature a born competitor or one who is more accommodative as his worldview.

If Khalid accepts that politics is about the art of allocation, he will be comfortable to work well with his fellow workers.

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