Dr M at best a hypocrite, at worst a racist

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YOURSAY ‘He forgot that he stayed on as PM in the 1999 elections because of the Chinese votes after many Malays deserted BN.'

Rallies prove 'Chinese racism' in GE13, says Dr M

your say LittleGiant: Can anyone dispute that if there is one person who has spoken more about race, racism, racial sentiment and racial hostility (if there is actually any such hostility) it is none other than former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, at least in the recent years?

These days, it is simply disgusting to read his speeches and his press statements as he appears to go on a vendetta with anyone opposing Umno-BN. Having been PM of the country for 22 years, shouldn't Mahathir be the one to take the lead and help arrest racial polarisation instead of escalating the issue with all his illogical and downright stupid statements?

If the minority Chinese want to dominate the country's politics by supporting DAP as alleged by Mahathir, how can they ever achieve it without accommodating the Malays and without the support of the Malays?

P Dev Anand Pillai: For a man of your age, Mahathir, I am really appalled that you can still spew venom like this.

The Malays have been kept backward because of policies of your government and the successive BN governments.

Aries46: Most educated Malaysians, including the Chinese, having had enough of 56 years of Umno and its running dogs as well as their greed and plundering ways, have openly thrown their support behind Pakatan Rakyat.

So the Chinese having voted for Pakatan is no big secret and is a non-issue, but Mahathir's dilemma seems more to be the overwhelming numbers of Malays who have turned their backs on Umno Baru despite 45 years of an affirmative action plan that was supposed to keep the Malays subservient to his party.

So to distract and deflect the real issue, Mahathir resorts to his all too well-known blame game and who else but his favourite scapegoats, DAP and the Chinese.

My question to Mahathir is if the DAP and the Chinese colluded to cheat the Malays, why did the Indians desert MIC and PPP and a few other Indian parties in BN?

Speechless: Protest rallies show that people are fed up as the normal channels of complaints do not work.

People who go to the Black 505 rallies are there to demand the sacking of the Election Commission (EC) heads and to protest the irregularities in GE13.

I strongly recommend Mahathir go for the 505 rally in Kuala Lumpur next Saturday, and he will see for himself that people of all races will be there.

Kamikasi: It's a sad day for Malaysia when a statesman speaks like this. To him, the Chinese will forever be racist, period.

This is the very same man who condemned racism on the international stage but which he himself propagates in the very country that he ruled. Statesman or conman?

Your wish for another May 13 may not happen now as many people are smarter and more civil.

Please leave the scene as you are making a mockery of your statesmanship, at the same time undermining Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's transformation programmes.

Mushiro: This is another seditious and racist attempt by Mahathir to sow hatred and suspicion among the races.

He is cunning and is trying to break up the strong bond among PAS, DAP and PKR. This old Mahathir style does not work anymore.

FairGame: Mahathir, it is people like you who harp on race to keep yourselves and your cronies in power. Divide and rule, harass and intimidate - these are all the hallmark of BN's and Umno's dirty tactics to stay in power.

You are an elderly statesman whom the rakyat used to respect. But now, you are despite by the rakyat. Please reflect on this in your twilight years.

Gggg: Mahathir, you should have attended the rally to see for yourself. What they seek is free and fair elections, race doesn't matter. Perhaps, Mahathir can educate the Malays on the importance of free and fair election so that even more would turn up for the rally.

Wsoi: Bias policies create racism, fair policies unite the population. Simple as that.

So don't blame the Chinese for controlling the economy. Similarly, don't blame the Malays for dominating the political power. Meritocracy is such that the best person gets the job.

Tpn: This old man forgot that he stayed on as PM in the 1999 elections because of the Chinese votes after many Malays deserted BN.

FellowMalaysian: The results of GE13 have made Mahathir's obsession with race politics ever more pronounced and he has now even convinced himself that the post-election 'Black 505' rallies are a phenomenon orchestrated and attended by the Chinese.

In this respect, he could have saved himself some blushes had he cared to attend the rallies himself instead of reading Utusan Malaysia or watching TV3 .

Mahathir has never cared nor is courageous enough to reflect back on his past actions and be benevolent enough to admit where he has erred. To a person with a ego as big as Mahathir's, he chooses to deflect his wrongdoings by accusing and blaming others.

AF McLaren: I am now more determined to outlive him.

Mahathir's dilemma - Malays are forsaking Umno

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