Wan Ahmad's hide is thicker than an elephant's

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YOURSAY 'Honourable people resign voluntarily when they realise they have not done a good and honest day's work.'

Wan Ahmad: Why resign when I've done my job?

your say Pemerhati: Changes to the electoral boundaries only require a simple majority in Parliament. That means this illegitimate government, which obtained a simple majority through fraudulent elections, will again unfairly gerrymander the boundaries that would enable it to win the next elections easily.

The present unfair rules have been put in place after drastically changing the original electoral rules that were in place immediately after independence.

BN has been continuously changing the rules by using its previous two-thirds majority and gerrymandering the electoral boundaries so as to give themselves a huge advantage at the polls.

Add to that, the fact that BN has a complete monopoly of the media to influence the population daily with its propaganda and to demonise the opposition, and also massively cheat during the elections with the help of the Election Commission (EC), it becomes pretty obvious that it is almost impossible to defeat BN in future elections.

Quigonbond: EC deputy chief Wan Ahmad Wan Omar, your hide is thicker than an elephant's.

You said you tested the indelible ink many times and it worked, yet it was anything but indelible. You have misrepresented the issue to the public. Do you not know the meaning of misrepresentation? A lie is a lie anyway you spin it.

Worse still, you didn't even disclose to the public that there was a toxic issue involving the ink otherwise organisations like Bersih would have given you the right solution that any reasonable person would have been able to come up with in the first place, except yourself.

Malaysians expected the indelible ink to work. It didn't work. You had lied to all of us. Isn't that enough for you to resign?

Wiser: EC deputy chief, it is not as simple one case of "someone can wash the ink off their finger". It is a case of millions can wash the ink off their finger, thus making fraud a high possibility in GE13.

You are responsible for this washable indelible ink episode. You assured the people that the ink was indelible after spending RM6 million of the people's money on it to stop double, triple, and quadruple voting.

That is a good reason to resign. In fact, you should be sent to jail for lying to the people.

Ib: Honourable people resign voluntarily when they realise they have not done a good and honest day's work.

And there are those who are shameless. Their family members and those who appointed them are shamed by them for their refusal to resign.

Peacemaker: Wan Ahmad can only be proud of having done his job to ensure BN won the elections by every trick in the book that he could muster, including gerrymandering and manipulating postal early votes.

Wan Ahmad, you have done nothing to be proud of. Hang your head in shame and resign.

Doc: When we were talking about you doing your job, we meant your job as an impartial EC official, not as a closet Umno-BN supporter.

Odin: One could ask Wan Ahmad and his superior to resign, but it would be unrealistic to expect them to comply. Remember, these are Umno Baru people, they are devoid of any feeling of shame; they are without honour and principles.

They may wear expensive clothes and accessories, have university degrees and so on, but under or behind all those things are nothing but savages.

Elto: This old man should have been removed a long time ago. How could he claimed that he has done his job when the elected government did not get the majority vote?

How could he claimed that he has done his job when the electoral system which is under his care failed to deliver an election result which reflects the will of the majority?

How could the a car salesman claimed that he has done his job when he actually did not sell a car. What rubbish he is talking about?

TakeMiddlepath: I love Wan Ahmad's question, "What else do you want?"

Mushiro: Failure of the indelible ink is a failure of the EC to conduct a clean, free and fair election. It allows a person to vote multiple times.

When thousands of voters can wash off the indelible ink easily, it shows the incompetency and the inability of the EC.

Democracy: When the DAP official in charge of the party election made a wrong cut-and-paste job, he resigned even though he owned up to the mistake and subsequently corrected it.

Don't you think you should resign, too?

The sheer arrogance of the EC duo

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