Seven years on, Altantuya's murder still a mystery

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YOURSAY ‘We know the murderers were caught. But why did they murder her? What was their motive?’


Appellate court allows Sirul Azhar to apply for mistrial

Pemerhati: We have previously witnessed and now continue to witness a charade jointly conducted by the judiciary, prosecution and the defence to protect the killers of Altantuya Shaariibuu and the mastermind/s behind her murder.

The unprincipled people in the judiciary, prosecution and defence, who are apparently involved in this shocking and disgraceful ‘sandiwara’, probably feel that they have successfully protected the mastermind/s who ordered the murder of Altantuya and seem to be now embarking on a new ‘sandiwara’ to exonerate the two killers who allegedly carried out the orders they received from their superior/s.

Rosli Salehudin: What lah, you people. It is a process of law. You appeal and the appellate court agreed to hear the case. Is that so difficult to understand?

If the court objects, you say there is no justice and if the court does not object, you say something else. It’s better that you people run the court.

Borg Kinaulu: Many in Malaysia are so skeptical and cynical that we won't even be surprised when it is eventually found that Altantuya chanced upon some explosives and decided to walked into the jungle, wrapped herself in them, lighted the fuse, bashed her head against a rock to kill herself and her dead body subsequently blown to smithereens.

In a country where a single party can rule with only 20 percent of votes, anything is possible.

Vijay47: On paper, the facts of the case are simple and straightforward enough. Two lowly members of a VIP's security detail were together suddenly struck insane and for no rhyme or reason went and bombed an insignificant foreigner who was never in Malaysia.

Any murder trial where the prosecution, defence and judge all deliberately fail to ask the crucial basic question of "Who engaged you to murder her?" has to be certified a mistrial.

Add to this, the other delightful ingredient was that "motive" is not necessary as decided by the High Court judge. On this ground alone, the two accused can escape the noose since they must have been insane to kill someone unknown to them for no reason.

Quigonbond: The prosecution did not object? Not even a token of objection? Shocking! Are they saying they have wrongly prosecuted him in the first place?

This calls for heads to roll in the Attorney-General’s Chambers for yet another sub-standard professional judgement on their part.

Dood: I'm sure the Mongolian delegation to the Global Summit of Women would be pleased to know the latest update on this matter.

Odin: If the trial was a mistrial, and I believe most of us think it was, does its invalidity or inconclusiveness not apply to the entire proceedings, instead of to Sirul Azhar's case only?

If it is considered to be so, does it not mean that the trial would have to be exercised all over again?

Wira: Indeed, if this was a mistrial, what then the acquittal of the former confidant (Abdul Razak Baginda) to the then DPM (PM Najib Razak)?

After all, he was charged together with the two accused for abetting the murder of Altantuya.

'Respond to queries raised on Altantuya's murder'

KB Menon: A gross injustice of horrendous proportions has been committed in the murder of Altantuya. The nation has been shamed in the eyes of the world.

It is so shameful that even BN component parties, including members of Umno Baru, if they have an ounce of integrity in them, must demand a full inquiry and closure of this continuing saga. It is detrimental to the integrity of Malaysia as a nation.

Save our currency: The two police officers always have their faces covered. No one saw their faces.

So, how do we know that they are the ones who are to be hanged? Or are they are walking freely? The latter is more likely as they had no motive to kill.

Azlan Ahmad: The truth will be known without the slightest doubt. In fact, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, will come out in the court of the Almighty in the world hereafter, as to who was behind the Altantuya murder.

Anonymous #84319416: Really, why was Altantuya murdered? We know the murderers were “caught”, but why did they murder her? What was their motive?

Ourvotesdecide: For the sake of justice, the motive for this case and who ordered the two police officers to kill Altantuya must be established.

After all, the two did not know or meet Altantuya and did not quarrel with her before they allegedly killed her on that fateful day.

Also it’s important to find out who directed the Immigration Department to remove or delete the record of Altantuya's entry into Malaysia before she was killed.

Apa Ini?: Azilah Hadri and Sirul, set yourself free by speaking the truth. You can't have bombed the woman for no reason at all.

Clever Voter: This is one of the high profile cases that will remain unresolved as long as BN is in power.

Besides, every single bit of evidence would have been removed or destroyed by now. Najib will choose to remain silent, and he will probably be for as long as he lives.

Rubystar_4037: Dear Najib, you are now the elected PM of Malaysia and all rakyat look upon you as our leader. Hence, your conduct must be exemplary and squeaky clean.

Since you have sworn in a mosque and invoked God to be your witness, I presume that you are innocent and in no way connected to the murder of the Mongolian woman.

The case has been pending for more than seven years, so I would think that now is the time to pursue the matter vigorously so as to silence your critics and clear your name.

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