Shame and Honour 101 for Abdul Aziz

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YOURSAY 'In Japan, they have a code of honour. Government officials will resign if they have failed to carry out their responsibilities.'

EC leadership will not step down, says Abdul Aziz

your say Ferdtan: Election Commission chief Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof, not only you and the whole EC leadership are to step down but we, the people, expect all of you to be sacked.

You have failed the crucial test of remaining impartial. The EC was conspicuously silent prior to GE13 when BN and its rich billionaire backers were bribing the voters with monetary inducements, dinners, million-dollar shows and the outright buying of votes.

The worse was the washable indelible ink. That issue alone is enough to send all of you packing.

Abdul Aziz, don't be smug talking about legalities. You were appointed by the Agong on behalf of all Malaysians, not the BN government, to run a clean and fair election.

As you had failed miserably we, the people, are coming out in droves to protest. We shall be there on June 22 for the Black 505 rally in Kuala Lumpur.

If that failed to move you to resign voluntary then there should be another rally to petition to our Agong to remove the whole EC leadership.

Fogbom: Abdul Aziz, you and your deputy can certainly step down voluntarily. Consider the Japanese culture, especially the samurai. There, they have a code of honour. Government officials will resign if they have failed to carry out their responsibilities.

For the samurai, they will commit hara-kiri or ritual self-disembowelment with a small sword - the shame is too great when they failed in their duties.

No one wants you both to do that in Malaysia, but do consider this - your resignation would send a powerful signal to future EC chiefs that their responsibility was to the people of Malaysia, not to their political masters.

To judge yourselves, answer these questions honestly:

1) Do you believe that the essence of democratic elections is the principle, as far as practicable, of ‘one man/woman, one vote'?

2) Do you believe that the removal of the 15 percent limit in constituency sizes did not mean that you could propose differences in sizes of seats ranging up to 900 percent without destroying the principle stated in (1) above?

If your honest answers to (1) and (2) above were both yes, then, when you look at yourself in the mirror everyday, you know whether you have discharged your responsibilities fairly to all Malaysians or whether you have erred before God.

There is forgiveness for the sinner who repents. There is no shame in admitting you have erred and now see the error of what you have done. Please do not wait.

Above all, do not commit the same sins over and over again, because Hell awaits. A special chamber is set aside for those who keep claiming they have done nothing wrong despite the numerical evidence of their guilt staring them in the face.

Shanandoah: If the relevant authorities fail to take the necessary steps to allay the fears of the electorate in the conduct of the 13th general election, then all hope is lost for a truly democratic Malaysia.

The difference in the number of voters in Putrajaya and all other constituencies is so great - in one instance, it is 900 percent - that one wonders why must it be so.

Indeed, the Umno secretary-general wins Putrajaya with no more than 16,000 registered voters while a Pakatan Rakyat candidate wins Kapar with more than 140,000 voters. What nonsense is this?

Pemerhati: To the public, Abdul Aziz said that "the EC would begin its electoral constituencies' redelineation study at the end of the year and that it would be done in a transparent manner."

But to PM Najib Razak, he would probably say, "Tuan, you see how beautifully we gerrymandered the seats whereby 20 percent of the electorate, which is mainly in the rural areas, enabled BN to win about 50 percent of the seats.

"During the forthcoming redelineation exercise we will make sure that 15 percent of the electorate will enable BN to win 60 percent of the seats in the next elections.

"This will be a good strategy because we can then stop our undercover work and manipulation regarding the postal voters, the early voters, the illegal voters, the phantom voters, etc.

"But Tuan must continue to influence and brainwash these simple rural people with BN's monopolised media with the usual propaganda and try and prevent the opposition from influencing them.

"Also keep them poor and dependent as that will enable Tuan to buy their votes cheaply."

Pahatian: Do you hear this same tune before? All these people has no conscience.

They erred and did not perform their duties fairly and clean and yet got the cheek to say that they can only be removed by the Agong. Their hides are as thick as the elephant's .

Anonymous #06659895: Evil people dare not resign simple they are so scare their evil deeds will be revealed.

For honest and straightforward people, they don't mind to tender their resignation when they know more than 51 percent of voters don't trust them even though they are being appointed by the king as these are people with conscience.

Which part of 'resign' doesn't EC understand?

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