No, Rohani, Altantuya's murder not fully 'dealt with'

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YOURSAY ‘Shame on all the mothers who condone the gruesome murder of Altantuya. This is not politics. This is murder.'

PKR: Explain how Altantuya's case was 'dealt with'

your say Aries46: Women, Community and Family Development Minister Rohani Karim seems to be under the delusion that the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder has been 'dealt with' despite the real culprits who planned and executed it as well as their motive were well concealed at the trial.

There are too many unanswered questions, including Najib Abdul Razak's illusion that his oath disclaiming knowledge of the murdered woman vindicates him of alleged complicity in the saga.

The untenable discharge of the confessed lover, Abdul Razak Baginda, too, appears strange as the attorney-general (AG) failed to appeal the decision despite strong public pressure to do so.

The subsequent overwhelming evidence revealed by the late private investigator P Balasubramaniam and carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan, too, was blatantly ignored by the enforcement agencies, raising the question who are these very important person (VIP) culprits that the law enforcement personnel are falling over each other to protect.

Hmmmmmmmm: Even BN supporters feel that the PM was somehow involved in the Altantuya case. Otherwise how do you explain them immediately taking down posters of Altantuya during the last general election (GE) knowing that the PM would be passing by those routes?

The PM's name was not even mentioned on the posters. They didn't realise that by doing that, they are actually doubting the PM's claim of innocence.

Cala: Shall we wait for a post-Najib administration? Due to accessibility, both physical and through the Internet, the world has become literally flatter and there is a convergence of ideas and actions in the long run.

By refusing to do the right thing regarding the death of Altantuya (the Mongolian woman who allegedly sought US$500,000 commission for the purchase of two submarines by the Malaysian government), Malaysia will be held as a "pariah state" by the world community for being uncivilised, lawlessness, and lacking human rights.

If the CEO of a nation is OB (out of bounds) to the law, then it forces upon the new government to do the right thing in a post-Najib administration. Otherwise, Anything but Umno (ABU).

Anonymous #708871335: I think we should not raise the Altantuya case so much as it will undermine Najib. If Najib falls, the frightening alternative is Muhyiddin Yassin and eventually Mukhriz Mahathir as PM and Mahathirism will return.

Already Mukhriz had banned an election protest gathering in Kedah. God help us if he becomes PM. The only way to block Muhyiddin and Mukhriz is to keep Najib around.

Heavywater: The case should never be closed as there was no motive for the two accused to kill a girl whom they do not know nor have any interaction with.

So why on earth did they kill her? They must have received instruction from their boss or bosses? In a murder case, motive must be established.

Bernard Phillips: Rohani must have been living on another planet to say that the Altantuya case has been settled.

Is that why she was appointed by the PM? I simply cannot comprehend how Umno and others in the government can still go about denying that Najib is linked to the case.

I am just so proud of MP Zuraida Kamaruddin for openly accusing the PM. Now let us hope that Najib will take her to court. Or can we hope that the AG will take his job seriously enough to open fresh investigations?

In the meantime, I suggest that the PM does not go strutting around the world until his name is cleared.

Mushiro: Zuraida, you have made a statement of fact. I believe 90 percent of Malaysians agree with you. It is not a coincidence that all those involved in the murder are from the PM's household, including the two cops.

My4HOPE: I foresee, though not through a crystal ball, that Altantuya's unsolved murder will again make Malaysia well-known across the globe.

Do you really think the Mongolian government or women's delegation will just stop questioning? Mind you, they are descendants of Genghis Khan.

Anonymous #67264380: Shame on all the mothers who condone this gruesome murder. This is not politics. This is murder. Does any religion condone murder?

EvenSteven: Poor Dr Setev Shaariibuu, up till now there is still no closure to his daughter's death. Granted the two police officers were found guilty but the bigger question is who ordered the killing?

Obviously it must be someone in authority who is powerful enough to do so and also influential enough to arrange for the erasure of Altantuya's immigration records (what a stupid move).

Will we ever know the truth or will the cover-up hold?

Anonymous #007: Syabas, PKR Women's wing chief Zuraida for your courage to speak up. You will not be alone, many rakyat are behind you.

WhatIwant: I, too, salute you, Zuraida. It looks like our PM will not be attending any Asian heads of government meeting in Mongolia (if it were to be held there) any time soon.

I will be telling my grandchildren about this sensational murder case so they will know about this hari ini dalam sejarah'.

It would be good if we can pass the hat round during the Black 505 rally day on June 22 to support Altantuya's children. If the 51-percent-rejected government won't seek justice and the truth for Altantuya, then the people will.

Bluemountains: Zuraida has now named the culprit responsible for the murder of Altantuya. Is the named culprit going to take it sitting down?

The named culprit should now sue her for defamation if he is innocent. But please be a gentleman and not hide behind the criminal defamation law.

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