Al-Kitab 'printing error' only in the peninsula?

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YOURSAY 'A book that is wrongly printed in peninsular Malaysia is at the same time considered correctly printed in East Malaysia. Umno boleh .'

Can't compare Ibrahim Ali with Alvivi, says minister

your say Survivor: Get the facts right, Urban Well-being, Housing and Local Government Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan. The error in the Bible is the perception of Malays like Ibrahim Ali.

By threatening the burning of the Bible is an insult to the Christians, especially those worshipping God in the Malay language. Your argument is lopsided. We are not defending the Alvivi couple. Neither should you be defending Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali.

The act of both, whether it is Alvivi (bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee) or Ibrahim, hurts the feeling and offended the respective communities. What irks the public is the selective persecution, which is more heinous than the offence committed by Ibrahim Ali or Alvivi.

Geronimo: Okay, Abdul Rahman, what about Perak mufti Harussani Zakaria for sending false text messages saying that a mass baptism of Muslims was taking place at the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes in Silibin, Perak.

As a result a mob gathered outside the church. The event was actually 100 children receiving their first Holy Communion and not a baptism ceremony involving Muslims. Had it not for the timely intervention of the police, the mob could have gotten out of hand and people killed in the melee.

The whole incident had traumatised everyone, especially the children, when the crowd started to act menacingly. Did the mufti apologise? No. All he did was to see the sultan, and he came out saying that the sultan was happy with his explanation.

So Abdul Rahman, I look forward to you twisting this fact into something else. You people are sick, real sick and urgently need treatment.

Ann: Since when was Ibrahim Ali appointed the authority on whether the Bibles are correctly printed? Who is he to correct "printing errors" in the Bible?

FellowMalaysian: If Alvivi's actions are as inflammatory as to "cause friction among religions" as enthused by Rahman Dahlan, is he claiming that Ibrahim Ali's exhortation for the burning of the Al-Kitab will not incite religious animosity?

Abdul Rahman's claim that Ibrahim Ali urged the burning of the Al-Kitab as there were printing errors. If it were true, shouldn't it be the duty of the Christian order to perform such sacred acts? What business does a non-Christian like Ibrahim Ali got to do with misprinted Al-Kitab?

Invariably, without a doubt, it is regrettable to infer that Abdul Rahman's concern and attention is focused on the well-being of a distinct half of the population while leaving the other half frustrated, indignant and aghast wondering how a minister entrusted with duties of looking after their well-being has now just snarled at them.

Anonymous #02382443: All Malaysian irrespective of race, religion or creek should have no sympathy for idiots who are a disgrace to themselves and all associated with them.

They deserve the highest punishment prescribed. Don't compare them with others. Two wrong do not make a right.

Anonymous #44199885: Would the minister sing the same tune if a person were to call for the burning of the Sikh, Hindu, Islam or other religious holy books and scriptures because they were wrongly printed?

Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee did commit a wrong and should face the consequences of their action. It should be the same for Ibrahim Ali.

Failing to take action against Ibrahim Ali sends the message that those connected to the ruling party need never worry about the consequences of committing crimes against the people and our country.

This double standards undermines public confidence in BN and is a travesty of justice and violates the right of every Malaysian to be treated equally before the law. It is a good thing that Malaysians of all races, and in particular the Malays, see through this.

SpongeBob: Today in Malaysia, arresting, charging and prosecuting is very much politically motivated and highly influenced by emotions of race and religion.

Some are making much more seditious statement but no action has been taken, whereas for the one making a lesser degree of seditious statement, the process of prosecution is fast and immediate and with a heavy penalty.

What kind of precedent are we setting? What has happened to all those who took the oath to enforce and administer the law fairly? Is the oath a farce?

2zzzxxx: Tell me, Abdul Rahman, what will happen if someone were to suggest the burning the Quran in public?

Don't try sugarcoating Ibrahim Ali's call for the burning of bibles. Your government practises selective prosecution base on the person's race, religion and political leaning.

Gods Messenger: I hope the authorities will realise that the fault was when no action was taken against Perkasa vice-president Zulkifli Noordin over his racist remarks on the Hindu gods, hence others took it for granted that no action would be taken subsequently.

So do you now understand where the fault lies? Selective prosecution must end.

Lim Chong Leong: A book that is wrongly printed in peninsular Malaysia is at the same time considered correctly printed in East Malaysia. Umno boleh .

And the printing is done is Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country in the world. There, too, it is correctly printed. The minister of well-being is clearly only interested in Umno's well-being.

Yet another 'foot in the mouth' minister

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