Gov't no 'zero tolerance' for Perkasa's bigotry

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YOURSAY ‘Joseph Kurup speaks with a forked tongue. Zero tolerance for the religious bigotry of others but for BN they can do no wrong.'

Minister: Zero tolerance on religious bigotry

your say Geronimo: Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Joseph Kurup said the government has taken a zero tolerance stance against religious bigotry. Kurup, don't you think you should be addressing this matter in front of Malay right wing groups Perkasa, Jati or Pekida's members during their AGMs?

Quite frankly it sounds so hollow coming from you. When Perkasa called for the Malay Bibles to be burned, where were you? When Umno Baru banned the use of the word ‘Allah', where were you?

When two Malay reporters conducted a covert operation at a church and then participated in the holy communion, where were you? When the bibles were confiscated and then serial numbered, where were you?

When churches were torched where were you? You talk a lot, but when it comes to action, zero.

Senior: To date the religious bigotry seems to come from one particular group, so minister, can you speak to them too?

Ksn: Kurup, why was no action against Perkasa leaders Zulkifli Noordin, Ibrahim Ali, the academic Ridhuan Tee, former Selangor exco Hassan Ali, the mufti of Perak and such fanatics when they insulted non-Muslim religions, races?

You answer that honestly then you will know about the reflection you talked about. On top of that, two of the fanatics mentioned were nominated by Umno Baru, to add insult to injury, as their candidates in the last GE, one directly and the other indirectly, both beaten to the shame of those who had proposed, nominated them.

That result shows our people of all faiths have generally matured but our government, Umno to be specific, condones such fanaticism.

Now that you are the minister for religious matters, why not make examples of them so that other fanatics and potential new ones would not wag their tails insulting non-Muslim religions?

Imagine the boot on the other foot, that is, what would happen should any non-Muslim insult Islam.

Adam Adil : Joseph Kurup speaks with a forked tongue. Zero tolerance for others but for BN they can do no wrong. If Kurup can say action will be taken against DPM Muhyiddin Yassin, Ibrahim Ali, Zul Noordin, former minister Noh Omar, Ridhuan Tee, Mazlan Ismail, etc then there is some credibility to his statement. Otherwise it's just lies, lies, lies and more lies from BN.

Jesse: This is just another case of empty talk coming from a toothless minister. Looking at the avalanche of race and religion related attacks coming from the mainstream media would give the opposite impression.

He must be living in another world and out of touch with current events, just like the PM.

MatrixLyn: I have zero tolerance for Perkasa and all their goons. How come they are still walking free? Kurup talks rubbish.

Dood: The minister's zero tolerance on religious bigotry only applies to non-Umno/BN members and their affiliates.

Continue‑The‑March: When it comes to the sex bloggers Alvivi the baying for their blood was swift and ruthless, however when dealing with the Perkasa duo they are okay.

Kurup is another useless Umno Baru apologist minister meant for window dressing who calls himself a god-fearing Christian.

VP Biden: We have zero tolerance for BN and its bigotry, racist manoeuvring, forked tongue statements and disrespect for Malaysian unity. You and your ilk in BN are incapable of practising what you preach.

Swipenter: Stop preaching "zero tolerance for religious bigotry" and take meaningful action against "the acts of extremism by a tiny minority of Malaysians."

Sometimes a seemingly difficult and a potentially explosive problem can be solved by just taking the appropriate actions against those involved in "acts of extremism".

No double standards, no beating of empty drums and no turning a blind eye to those involved in acts of extremism.

Joe Lee : Kurup is trying too hard to be a comedian. Where was this joker during the elections? Was he in Mars? Didn't his boss Prime Minister Najib Razak personally endorse Perkasa arch-racist Zulkifli Noordin as BN's candidate?

Kurup's pea-sized brain is symptomatic of this stupid government. We have stupidity in excess.

Dalvik: Kurup, following what you say, I expect you to be the first to comment on the next "religious bigotry" statement from Perkasa or Jati. Otherwise, retract your zero-sum comment.

Keturunan Malaysia: Joseph Kurup, if you choose not to think each time before you speak, you would end up equally as surprised as we all are of how stupid you sound.

OMG : The fact remains that many perpetrators of religious bigotry are still roaming freely. And that this Zulkifli Noordin fellow is not only immune from the force of the law, but was made a BN candidate in GE13 goes to show this minister ‘syok sendiri' only.

If he has the honour, he would resign and stop supporting the racist Umno.

Small Town Boy: Talk is cheap and meaningless. Prove it with action.

MyFoot: I wonder whether this guy Kurup knows what a hypocrite is? The Christians don't want trouble but also don't want to be sold out. Unfortunately today, less than 30 pieces of silver coins are enough to betray anyone.

Avatar_2397: The government "will" do what? What about doing it now, already? For example, you can drop the appeal against the court ruling that allows Christians to call God ‘Allah'. Banish Muhyiddin the Race Baiter from the cabinet.

Punish BN for trying to sneak through unconstitutional legislation that allows children to be converted with the consent of only one parent. Reprimand bigots who are victimising the dog trainer Chetz for bathing her dogs, in a video made three years ago.

Declare null and void the fatwas against Muslims practising yoga and participating in beauty contests.

How many instances of bigotry need to happen before the government "will" do something?

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