'Ultraman, we are in dire need of your services'

YOURSAY 'Well done, Umno and BN. Keep the world laughing at your stupidity.'

Translation blunder may have led to Ultraman ban

Relevancy: Why ban a book when they can request for a change in the wording? Is everything to be considered as banned material rather than to request for remedial action to be done? What kind of ministry do we have here?

YUNoAnon: Oh dear, now that Google translated God as Allah, is Google going to be banned by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC)?

Abasir: Clearly Google Translate is guilty of confusing Muslims and fomenting disquiet. This is reason enough to ban Google - the purveyor of falsehood and conduit for the Jewish agenda.

Jakim should now invoke its heavenly powers and erase this evil from our desktops.

Anon1: "To ensure that this sort of untoward, insensitive, provocative, inflaming and threatening incident does not occur in future, with the powers already invested with me as the power-that-be as YB and with the support of my aimless and clueless NGO chums, I now decry and ban Google.

"This was the very excuse we were looking for to filter the Internet."

BernieBaby: Ultraman, we are in dire need of your services. Please save Malaysia. We have monsters in control of the government.

Ketuanan Rakyat: Malaysia is again becoming a joke around the world. Well done, Umnoputras and BN. Keep the world laughing at your stupidity.

Not Smart: Our administration always takes the easy way out. They are afraid of (or maybe cannot do) hard work and think smart to improvise/rectify an issue/problem. It is most of time just the easy way of cancelling/banning/changing or creating new laws and regulations.

They do not care/consider the difficulties of the public but more so, of their difficulties in managing. Good administration is to have prior and proper reviews, discussion; rectification; agreements with parties concerning any changes to an existing issue/problem.

We really lack this in the current administration.

UBA: People with such narrow and petty minds deserve to be pitied, not feared. Unfortunately, under former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia's civil service became overpopulated with undereducated, clueless types, mainly as a ready-made voter base for Umno Baru.

Now we are stuck with the stupidest among us issuing fatwas and official decrees against everybody else.

YF: So by Umno logic, this is another Christian conspiracy via Ultraman. However, Ultraman is not found in the Bible. In fact, Ultraman has often been associated with Buddhist characters.

SpongeBob: Umno and Perkasa are so obsessed with exclusive use of the word 'Allah'. This obsession is driving the country into madness evident from the foolish actions taken by the Home Ministry.

'Few students, so no Tamil high school for Penang'

Dex: I find Deputy Education Minister II P Kamalanathan's statement very hilarious. An opportunity has arisen. You find the students. Build hostels.

Bring students from all over the nation to fill up the places, instead of asking the Penang government to find the students before requesting the Tamil secondary school...

Gombak: He is a born genius as a politician to toe the party line. What a justification for denying Penang a Tamil school, and he knows very well Putrajaya would not accommodate the request unless BN takes over Penang.

CiViC: Excuses after excuses, just to "justify" their insensitivity towards the people, specifically Indians in this case, and the best part is, this is coming from an Indian deputy minister.

Supremo: Chinese schools also have problems in enrolling students, but they have secondary schools.

But you, Kamalanathan, just because you want to score brownie points with your Umno bosses, are willing to sacrifice Tamil schools so that you can kiss the hands and others parts of your Umno bosses.

Anonymous #19098644: It is because there is no Tamil secondary school that only 837 students sat for the Form Three PMR exam last year. It is like saying that we should not approve having primary schools because so few students sat for the UPSR.

Without the school, where are the students going to study and sit for the exams? The bottom line is there is no intention or sincerity on the part of the BN government to resolve the woes and wants of the Indian community as Persatuan Hindraf chief P Waythayakumar found out the hard way.

JamesBond007: Once you have the school and the proper curriculum, the students would come. Stupid.

Gggg: You want to increase Tamil school intake? Then MIC should start by offering education loans and scholarships for those from Tamil school background. Immediately you will see a twofold increase.

Anonymous #039163649: Indians must be stupid to want a secondary school for Indians as it is of no use to them. The Chinese may have elite secondary schools like Jit Sin, Chung Ling, etc, for good reason.

My wife's teacher friend also told her that many of the students are not even very interested in SPM as they also sit for a Chinese high school diploma which is very valued by the Chinese companies for employment purposes.

The Chinese control a large portion of the private sector and can absorb Chinese school leavers, I was told these SMJKC students are not very good in English or BM but they don’t care as they target the Chinese private sector and also private university education, mostly engineering computer line.

So Indians, please think whether the market has the ability to absorb Tamil secondary school students before asking for one.

Ketuanan Rakyat: Penang's Tamil secondary school is for all Malaysians who are studying in SJKT throughout Malaysia. Could it be that you have not got your boss's approval in spite of your hand kissing?

Rick: I love this guy. Anyone can punch him, and the best part is he will forgive the assailant who did not even ask for forgiveness. Hail our Malaysian Mahatma.

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