MB: Only 29 days of water left in Selangor

Modified 22 Apr 2014, 1:03 pm

Although heavy rain led to flash floods in parts of the Klang Valley yesterday, the Selangor government has said that taps will run completely dry in 29 days if rationing is not continued.

“For now, we must continue with rationing as the level at the main dam, the Sungai Selangor dam, is below the critical level and can only last 29 days if rationing is not conducted,” Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said in a statement.

“We really hope the rakyat understands this situation and supports our efforts to prepare for the dry season which is expected to be worse and prolonged.

“The state also hopes that no one will manipulate the situation as this is due to weather. There is still insufficient rain to raise the level (of water in the dam).”

As at April 20, the level at the Sungai Selangor dam, which supplies 60 percent of the Klang Valley, was below 40 percent or 89.29 million cubic metres.

To prepare for the dry season from May to September, he said the Selangor Water Management Council (Luas) and state-owned Kumpulan Semesta Sdn Bhd is pumping water from former mining ponds into Sungai Selangor.

Luas and the Drainage and Irrigation Department are also pumping water from parts of the river which received heavy rainfall into ponds, for use in the dry season.

“We have identified the pumps and will buy them as it is cheaper than renting them,” he said.

Additionally, he said, the state is studying the use of underground water, which could supply up to 400 million litres a day.

It has also been in touch with the Thai government to use new cloud seeding technology - dubbed the Royal Rainmaking Technology - to produce rain at least three times a week at the dam.

“We expect that all these efforts will produce at least 1,000 million litres of water a day, and if all turns out well, we will be able to review water rationing again in a week's time,” he added.

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