Mah recaptures Teluk Intan by 238 votes

Modified 1 Jun 2014, 11:57 pm

TELUK INTAN Polls close at 5pm with a relatively low turnout of 67.4 percent votes and 40,236 votes.

This is below the DAP target of 70 percent, which it had hoped can push its newbie candidate Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud ahead of against BN veteran Mah Siew Keong.

In 2013, turnout at Teluk Intan was a record 80.4 percent. DAP had then won with a majority of 7,313 or 15 percent of total votes.


10pm: Mah leaves the tally centre in garlands as his supporters vociferously chant his name.

Leaders from all major BN component parties are present to flank Mah, who looks exhausted but manages a subtle smile throughout.

He tells reporters that he will go to the constituency again tomorrow to thank voters for the support they have shown him.

9.45pm: The Election Commission revises the voters turnout - from 66.7  to 67.4 percent.

9.35pm: Official result as annouced by the Election Commission -

BN - 20,157

DAP - 19,919

Majority - 238

Percentage of majority - 0.6 percent

9.24pm: Activist Marina Mahathir congratulates Mah for the victory but also gives newcomer Dyana a pat on the back.

"I'd like to congratulate Mr Mah for winning and (Dyana) for almost getting there. Good show for a newbie," she said on Twitter.

Marina, who is former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's daughter, earlier gave a thumbs up to Dyana as she thought the 27-year-old is a bright young woman.

However, Marina also clarified that it was not an endorsement for the DAP.

9.15pm: SMK Abdul Rahman Talib -

At the main tally centre, there are only five ballot boxes left to be announced at the tally centre, but BN leaders such as Ahmad Maslan ( right ), Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor and Tajudin Abdul Rahman have all arrived at the tally centre.
The screen shows that Dyana is leading Mah by 213 votes with five ballot boxes out of the 122 total left to be announced despite the unofficial results show BN has won.

EC officials have withheld the announcement of the final ballot boxes for the past hour.

8.58pm: DAP operation centre - DAP supporters are seen shedding tears and consoling each other. [Watch video]


There appears to be a slight swing of Chinese voters back to BN.

Significantly, Batu 12, a previous DAP stronghold was won by BN. DAP won by 68.5 percent of votes last year.

This time, BN won by 51.53 percent. BN won all three voting streams at the Chinese new village.

Batu 12 is located on the outskirts of Teluk Intan, but stream data shows BN also gaining in town areas.

BN raises its takings in Chinese-majority polling stations at Pasir Bedemar, a town area won by the DAP in 2013.

8.20pm: Gerakan operation centre - Victorious candidate Mah Siew Keong speaks to his supporters after a short meeting with his campaign team.

He urges for everyone to stay calm should there is any dispute of the results.

"Have you eaten? Where is the Kentucky (Fried Chicken)?

"The unofficial results are out but our opponent is now challenging the result.

"If the Election Commission does a recount in the next few hours we can be patient, unlike that other party which is so impatient that they wrote everything on the internet that they had won.

"We respect the law and we are patient. Have you eaten? Let's eat together," he says to applause from supporters.

8.09pm: DAP Canning state assemblyperson Wong Kah Woh asks supporters to be calm and says the party will work harder at the next general election.

Since the unofficial result is very close, the party will look at the possibility of a recount, he says.

"There is over 500 of majority votes, and since the majority is marginal, we are looking at the possibility to recount," he said through a megaphone.

"The team is now considering if we are going to recount."

This despite the fact that election regulations do not allow recounts after ballot boxes are sealed.

A recount can only be done at the counting centres, before ballot boxes are sealed and polling agents sign off on the tally at voting stream levels.

A recount can only be done if the difference between the votes by each candidate received, at the stream level, is less than four percent.

7.55pm: BN candidate Mah Siew Keong arrives at the party's operation centre all smiles and shakes hands with supporters.

His supporters carry him while chanting: "Mah Siew Keong!"

7.50pm : Gerakan claims victory.

"Official result, we won 100-plus (votes)," Selangor Gerakan Wanita chief Chia Ting Ting says on Facebook.

However, DAP's unofficial count shows that BN won with a majority of 238 votes.

DAP - 19,919 (49 percent)

BN - 20,157 (49.6)

Spoilt votes - 550

Majority - 238

Total votes (including early and postal voting) - 40,626

7.47pm: Only votes from Sungai Bugis, a BN stonghold, are still not counted.

7.43pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 19,830

BN - 19,805

Spoilt votes - 542

Majority - 25

About 99.85 percent of the votes counted.

7.41pm: Unofficial results.

DAP - 19,616

BN - 19,548

Spoilt votes - 525

Majority - 68

98.6 percent of votes counted.

Gerakan supporters cheer as Mah cuts in  further on Dyana's lead.

7.39pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 19,529

BN - 19,288

Spoilt votes - 509

Majority - 241

About 97.7 percent of the votes counted.

7.37pm: Unofficial results.

DAP - 19,508

BN - 19,219

Spoilt votes - 504

Majority - 289

97.5 percent of votes counted.

7.28pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 19,279

BN - 18,581

Spoilt votes - 485

Majority - 1,148

About 95.3 percent of the votes counted.

7.29pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 19,202

BN - 18,379

Spoilt votes - 480

Majority - 823

95.5 percent of votes counted.

7.28pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 18,769

BN - 18,069

Spoilt votes - 474

Majority - 700

About 93.6 percent of the votes counted. Still too close to call. This will go down to the wire.

7.26pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 18,172

BN - 17,541

Spoilt votes - 464

Majority - 631

90.8 percent of votes counted.

7.24pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 18,172

BN - 17,501

Spoilt votes - 464

Majority - 671

About 90.7 percent of the votes counted.

7.23pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 17,536

BN - 17,138

Spoilt votes - 458

Majority - 398

88.2 percent of votes counted.

7.21pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 17,314

BN - 17,044

Spoilt votes - 443

Majority - 270

87.3 percent of votes counted.

7.19pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 16,117

BN - 15,538

Spoilt votes - 432

Majority - 153

7.18pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 16,303

BN - 15,800

Spoilt votes - 418

Majority - 503

81.6 percent of votes counted

7.16pm: Unofficial results

DAP - DAP 16,117

BN - 15,538

Spoilt votes - 412

Majority - 579

About 80.5 percent of the votes counted.

7.13pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 15,796

BN - 14,805

Spoilt votes - 400

Majority - 991

7.09pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 14,635

BN - 13,348

Spoilt votes - 344

Majority - 1,287

71.9 percent of votes counted.

7.07pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 14,426 (51.7 percent)

BN - 13,135 (47.1 percent)

Spoilt votes - 342

Majority - 1,291

About 70 percent of the votes counted.

7.03pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 13,054

BN - 11,843

Spoilt votes - 306

Majority - 1,211

Mah has closed the gap from trailing 2,000 votes to around 1,200.

The votes being tallied now are from polling centres in Changkat Jong. Changkat Jong is a state constituency under Teluk Intan won by BN in 2013.

7.01pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 12,957

BN - 11,484

Spoilt votes - 294

Majority - 1,473

62 percent of votes counted

7.00pm: SMK Abdul Rahman Talib - The main road in front tally centre sees a 2 kilometre-long bumper-to-bumper crawl as the traffic policemen are seen blocking some junctions along the road, to make way for the EC officers who are carrying in ballot boxes.

The traffic snarl even extended to the school compound, with more than 20 cars ferrying ballot boxes are waiting to place the boxes to the hall.

Deployment of traffic police along the road is significant, with many of them directing both EC cars as well as other motorists.

6:58pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 12,736

BN - 11,015

Spoilt votes - 274

Majority - 1,723

60.3 percent of the votes counted.

6:56pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 12,407

BN - 10,518

Spoilt votes - 258

Majority - 1,889

6:55pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 12,368

BN - 10,279

Spoilt votes - 249

Majority - 2,089

6.54pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 12, 081

BN - 9,936

Spoilt votes - 240

Majority - 2,145

6:50pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 11,362 (54.3%)

BN - 9,451 (44.7%)

Spoilt votes - 232

Majority - 1,911

6:48pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 10,368

BN - 8,571

Spoil votes - 213

Majority - 1,797

Around 50 percent of the votes counted.

6:45pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 10,000

BN - 8,287

Spoilt votes - 204

Majority - 1,713

6:44pm: Unofficial results

DAP 9,264

BN - 7987

Spoilt votes - 197

Majority - 1,277

Over 45 percent of the votes counted.

6.42pm: DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang said he was disappointed with the 66.5 percent turnout rate.

"We wish to have 75 percent to 80 percent voters," he said at the DAP operation centre.

Approximately 500 supporters are here to watch the live telecast of the tally.

Everytime the results are favourable to the DAP, the crowd cheers like football fans at a match.

6.41pm : SMK Abdul Rahman Talib - The environment at the tally centre is calm as allot boxes continue streaming in.

Surrounding the place there has been very little activity from any political parties. 

Police personnel are surrounding the area heavily, with Perak CPO Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani in attendance.
6.40pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 8,525

BN - 7,421

Majority - 1,10

6.38pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 8,060

BN - 6,932

Spoilt votes - 176

Majority - 1,128

Total counted: 15,168 (38.06 percent)

6.31pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 7,216

BN - 6,495

Spoilt votes - 168

Majority - 721

Total counted: 13,879 (37.66 percent)

6.28pm: Unofficial results

DAP- 6,435

BN - 5,716

Spoilt votes - 142

Majority - 719

More than 30 percent of votes counted.

6.25pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 5,578

BN - 4,971

Spoilt votes - 113

Majority - 608

6.22pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 5,424

BN - 4,884

Spoilt votes - 112

Majority - 540

6.19pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 5,078

BN - 4,495

Spoilt votes - 107

Majority - 583

About one quarter of the votes counted.

6.17pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 4,604

BN - 4,005

Spoilt votes - 102

Majority: 599

6.13pm: Unofficial results

DAP - 3,680

BN - 3,665

Spoilt votes - 100

Majority - 15

6:12pm: Unofficial results

BN - 3,211

DAP - 3,053

Spoilt votes - 95

Majority -158

6.11pm: Unofficial results

BN - 2,636 (51.5 percent)

DAP- 2,483 (48.5 percent)

Mah leads with 153 votes.

6.05pm: Unofficial results

BN - 572

DAP - 463

6pm: Unofficial results

BN - 473

DAP - 413

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang says in a tweet message that the voters turnout is low.

“66.5% - quite a poor disappointing voter turnout in the Teluk Intan by-election as compared to 80.4% last May in the 13GE. Can be a toss-up!”

5.50pm: The relatively low turnout of 66.5 percent is giving BN early confidence that it could wrest Teluk Intan from the DAP.

"Personally, I feel BN has won!" former Perak senior executive councillor Hamidah Osman tweets.

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