Hold Putin responsible for shooting down MH17


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YOURSAY ‘Putin is nothing but a murderer and war criminal.’

Liow denies MAS took risky route to save fuel

Gerard Lourdesamy: The route was not a closed route and flying above 30,000 feet was considered the safest level in this area which MH17 complied with before it was "blown out of the sky" by a Russian made surface-to-air missile most likely operated by the pro-Russian Ukrainian rebels.

Frankly, even if MH17 had flow further away from the conflict zone it can still be hit by this medium-range missile. The Russians and Ukrainian rebels must be made to account.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is nothing but a murderer and war criminal. The sooner we end our worthless diplomatic relations with Moscow, the better and safer for us. Russia is a failed state and a pathetic excuse for a democracy.

My heart goes out to the families of the dead and the victims of whom some 80 or more were children.

Only in January I was on MH17 with my wife and infant daughter on the same flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. Indeed, I still recall flying over Ukraine.

CQ Muar: Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai, are you implying other airlines took the highly risky route and therefore it was justifiable for MH17 to do so, even at the risk of losing lives?

Now what kind of idiotic logic was that? The fact that the disappearance of MH370 created aviation history isn't quite over, we created another "first" - two national major airline disasters in one year.

Wasn't it a grave mistake to gamble passengers' lives, instead of diverting to safer airspace zone considering the downing of a Ukrainian plane a week ago?

Negarawan: The main question now is why MAS operations allowed MH17 to continue taking this flight path over Ukraine?

There is ample evidence of flights being shot down along the same route just days before the MH17 incident.

Saying that the route was used by other airlines, and that MAS has been using the same route for years without problems, reflects the serious state of ignorance and incompetency of MAS and the Umno government.

Many well-managed airlines have avoided the Ukrainian route a few months ago since the flare up of military conflict in the region. Since the MH370 incident, has there been any accountability shown by the MAS management and Umno government?

The same CEO and management team are still maintained until today. The MH17 tragedy could have been avoided if there had been prudent management.

There is no guarantee that there will not be another mishap after MH17 by the continuous state of denial, non-transparency and non-accountability of MAS and Umno.

Paul: It is at times like this that I wish that we were a stronger nation. Why did they shoot our plane down? Would they have fired on a British or American or Israeli plane?

This is the reason why a nation has to be strong enough to protect its assets and people. 

When Indonesians threw refuse and filth into our embassy compound, we responded by talking about how close our diplomatic and economic ties were.

When Singapore treated us with disregard and disrespect, we spun the same yarn. Too many internal conflicts knock us off the track.

I find it most amusing to see Liow and Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin talking tough and "warning" the Ukrainians to keep away from the crash site.

The Russians purportedly have the black box already. What are we going to do about it?  Your guess is as good as mine.

GI Joe: The logical decision to fly this route is definitely the cost factor after what happened to a MAS plane several years ago when it flew on almost empty fuel tank over Heathrow airport.

This cost factor is the main reason, among several other smaller factors. At times like this, it will surely be wise to highlight other factors as the main reason, instead of cost factor.

Progressive: Minister, tell us about the smart airlines that have avoided the Ukraine route, which became even riskier when two other planes were downed.

When it comes to safety, it is always about preventive measures, proactive measures and defensive actions.

Only a top management that is in tune with latest development and agile enough to act and react is the one that can protect its people. And top MAS management does not have these values. Will they now take responsibility and resign?

NuckinFuts: It's disgusting to watch the Russian Lifenews reporters and soldiers rummaging through the wreckage and belongings of the passengers.

It is of utmost importance that the crash site is not tampered with. Now there is news that the black boxes are to be sent to Moscow. Expect more tampering to happen.

Trublumalaysian: For all it is worth, Liow is now sitting on a hot seat. A seat desired by MCA and vacated by predecessors who knew not what they were doing except milk projects for their own benefits.

It's why they say, be careful of what you ask for, you may get it.

Two black swan events in a tragic year

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