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'PKR should not be held to ransom by Khalid'

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YOURSAY ‘Why are you clinging to this post as if your life depends on it? 


PKR issues show-cause letter to MB Khalid

NewMalaysia: I think in politics, a good leader must have the courage to make difficult decisions. In this case, PKR should just give an ultimatum to Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim to vacate his post or else PKR will sack him from the party for ignoring its instructions.


PKR should not allow itself to be held to ransom by someone who was appointed by the party to hold the post in the first place. 


Once Khalid has been sacked from the party, Pakatan should then go ahead and vote Khalid out in the state assembly. If any party within the coalition is not agreeable to do so, then that party should also be expelled from Pakatan. 


The Pakatan had previously agreed that the MB’s post in Selangor will be someone nominated by PKR. 


PKR should stand firm on its decision and not waste any more time. At least the voters know the party had done everything possible to solve the issue. They should not allow this MB issue to drag on further.


Fair Play: I think Khalid must go regardless of the consequences, such as the possibility of a snap election. 


PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim is confident that when push comes to shove, and should there be a snap election, Pakatan (perhaps with PAS moderates) could win. If Khalid is allowed to stay as MB, one can never can tell what he is up to next. 


I said it before, I say it again - Khalid prides himself as a professional and a man of principle. Now, I fully understand what he really means when he said that.


Ckl0001: A good thing is that after this episode, those who are pro or against Pakatan will be known, and as a result, the voters will be clear which political parties they should vote for in future, even if this leads to the undesirable consequence of Pakatan losing control of Selangor this time.


Makcik Har: I think this is the first time in history a man is sacked for doing a good job. PKR keeps thinking it rules Selangor. No sir, it's a coalition of DAP, PAS and PKR. PKR seems to behave like Umno in BN. 


It does all the maneuvering and expect DAP and PAS to rubber stamp them. Khalid is asked to resign because of “integrity issues”. If you ask me, Khalid has more integrity than some PKR leaders.


This man was rich before he joined PKR. He does not need corruption money. He believes in doing a good job. I am thinking of quitting PKR. Khalid, why don't you do the same?


Senior: Yes, wrong move... The MB has to have the confidence of the majority of the assemblymen to remain in his post. What if he has PAS and Umno backing him?


Keturunan Malaysia: It is now for real - PKR has reached the point of no return as regards to Khalid. We shall see how the end turns out, but I would venture to say the losers may not necessarily be PKR-Pakatan but rather Umno-BN and their most probable mole.


As far as I am concerned, it is a proper and correct move to give this renegade a show-cause letter. He has gone out of the outer limits of comrade-in-arms, and gone openly into the enemy's camp. 


There is no other choice for PKR and likewise, there should not be any other choice for Khalid as well.


Lionking: Dear Khalid, I am surprised a man of your stature wants to act in such a manner to warrant such action. Why are you clinging to this post as your life depends on it? 


Apa Ini?: Dear Khalid, Think how you can retire and relax once you've let go. Eating humble pie is good for the soul.


Let the rest of the pack take over all those messy contracts and sit back to watch the bigger mess to come. And then you can have a laugh. Sounds good, no?


Fernz: The ‘show cause’ letter is the right move. However, the letter should have been on bringing the party into public disrepute and contempt. No need to get into all the nitty-gritty details. 


Can the party ask him to resign as the MB? Indeed, the state assemblymen can sign a petition to the sultan expressing ‘no confidence’ in Khalid and putting forward Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail's name as the new MB. 


This happened to Sabah Chief Minister Joseph Pairin in 1994. Pairin had no choice but to resign after the governor reportedly did not agree to hold fresh elections.


Jesse: Sack him if he does not accept the political convention that the PM or MB, nominated by his party, must step down once that confidence is lost. 


It will be interesting to see what happens if he stubbornly refuses to leave the post despite his sacking. It will be even more interesting to see the sultan's role and probably that of the court, where it will all end up.


Whatever it is, his loss of party confidence and refusal to stand down is detrimental to Selangor and the smooth running of state government. Often, power gets into a person's head and he loses his principles. What a shame.


Ksn: If Khalid has any gratitude to PKR and Pakatan, he should have left earlier gracefully. His persistence to stay as MB is not sensible after he has lost the confidence of the party which made him MB. 


But obviously he has betrayed PKR and Pakatan for the benefit of Umno Baru. Only the MB and Umno Baru know the benefits they will reap. Obviously, the benefits are not for Selangor and Malaysia.


Anak, Bangsa, Malaysia: This show-cause letter should have been given to Khalid a long time ago. He has breached party's instructions on many occasions. Khalid is now a menace in the eyes of Pakatan, especially PKR.


Pputeh: Much as I appreciate what Khalid has done for Selangor and the rakyat, he has grown too big for his shoes and become arrogant and conceited.


He feels that he is indispensable. It looks like he is also set to destroy the party before leaving. 


AB Sulaiman: To me, the scenario is like football. You are the team captain and playing your guts out. But the manager issues the directive for you to leave the field to be replaced by a substitute.


You are not to ask why. You have no alternative but to leave the field.

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