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Changing old guard won’t solve Pakatan’s problem

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YOURSAY ‘Treachery, betrayal of trust are not the monopoly of the old guards.’


Time for Pakatan old guard to go

Prudent: If the old guard leaves, there will be another set of problems. The present set of problems are not the fault of the all the old guards.


Let the Selangor menteri besar issue be settled first, and it should become clearer as to which of the old guard should leave.


Treachery and betrayal of trust are not the monopoly of only the old guards. In fact your commentary, Terence Netto, smacks of a certain degree of senility.


Imanust Nais Yalam : Terence, you wrote, "They have behaved like they have suffered from senile dementia." I believe the majority of the Malaysiakini readers will think you are the one suffering from senile dementia.


You are no longer able to differentiate between the capable and the inept and the righteous from the reprehensible. Do not tar all the Pakatan Rakyat leaders with your broad brush. It is time you kept your pen (and keyboard) in a display case.


Jiminy Qrikert: Take the one bad apple and chuck that rotten fellow out. Riddled to the core with worms of every sort - insincerity, no integrity, deceitful, dishonesty, racist, bigoted, supremacist, extremist, imbecilic - this person is the one to kick out.


Leave opposition leaders Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang to continue to co-manage and lead Pakatan.


Selangorians and the rest of the rakyat in the non-Malay heartland states can do very well under the leadership of PKR and DAP, which believes in ‘ketuanan rakyat’ not ‘ketuanan Melayu/Muslim’.


Quigonbond: I think some old guards should go. But folks like Anwar and Kit Siang are doing fine - principled, progressive, moderate. I still hope to see them as federal leaders.


Pakatan-Ku: The whole problem started with the greed of Anwar and the ambitions of PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli. Granted that Khalid Ibrahim has been a scrooge in controlling the purse of Selangor. Isn't it better to have the devil you know than the angel (PAS) you don't know?


DAP, in its haste to taste power, went to bed with PAS and PKR without a proper pre-nuptial agreement. Now that divorce is imminent, DAP, too, should take some blame. First they ask the Chinese to vote PAS and touted the slogan ‘PAS for All’. It also boasted about CAT - competent, accountable, and transparent.


Khalid was hanged by a PKR kangaroo court based on half-truths. DAP behaved exactly like MCA is to Umno - subservient to Anwar and allowed Anwar to practise cronyism and nepotism.


If DAP practises CAT, Pakatan should choose the best person for the job and not the best job for a crony.


Haveagreatday: Who is the old guard that you are referring to, Terence Netto? You can't use the same broom to sweep everything away.


I will be explicit - Lim Kit Siang is the grand old man of the opposition, but I believe he has still much to contribute to the rakyat's cause as long as his health allows it.


Axolotl: Oh dear, another pundit has spoken. Pundits may yell and shout in self-righteous tones but have they gone through 50 years of dirty fighting in the political arena like Kit Siang or suffered 16 years of uninterrupted persecution like Anwar?


The only member of the old guard that has seriously betrayed the rakyat's trust is Abdul Hadi Awang and his ulama faction in PAS. My respect for the leadership of PKR and DAP remains unchanged.


Single Malt: What's making Umno Baru strong is their unholy alliance with PAS. It is time for Pakatan to divorce the adulterer. Just kick out Hadi and his followers.


Blame Anwar and Kit Siang for this mess. The late Karpal Singh was right in his judgement about PAS.


Rick Teo: Terence, your idea of changing the old guard is ill-conceived. It’s akin to killing ants with a hammer. Why should Kit Siang and Anwar be blamed for something that Hadi had cunningly planned and executed to betray PKR and DAP?


Events that unfolded has shown that it was a right move to remove Khalid. He was there to ensure that his personal problems were sorted out by consorting with Umno. So are you saying that PKR or Anwar should sit by idly and allow Khalid to sell out on the water deal and Kidex (Kinrara-Damasara Expressway)?


What you are saying just doesn't make sense and I am beginning to understand why many people are astonished at your warped logic.


Karma: Only Hadi should go. He is the cause of the lies and betrayals in PAS and Pakatan. He was the one who wanted so much a unity government with Umno, which Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat rejected.


I wonder what agenda this man had all the while. Every move he made is made towards grabbing power to form a unity government with Umno.


BN will provide statutory declarations (SDs) to support any PAS rep to become MB if PAS has the numbers. This is the ultimate game.


Keturunan Malaysia: PAS vice-president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, you have asked people not to interfere in PAS affairs - why don't you start by not interfering with the affairs of the majority of Selangor voters.


They want Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (Kak Wan) as MB, you got that? There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.

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