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'Anwar takes the difficult but principled stand'

YOURSAY ‘It was good of Anwar to apologise and state the fact of the matter.’


'Sorry your highness, I was following constitution'


Kim Quek: Through PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim’s statement, one can see the contrast between Anwar and PM Najib Razak.


The former has stood up bravely to uphold the supremacy of the constitution and constitutional monarchy, while the latter has twisted PKR’s stand to present one nominee as an act of betrayal of the sultan, the Malays and Islam.


Such slander is hypocrisy of the highest order, as Umno-BN has always nominated only one candidate for the posts of prime minister, menteri besar and chief minister since independence in 1957, as rightly pointed out by Anwar.


As prime minister, Najib’s despicable conduct has put Malaysians to shame. Now that the apology is over, Pakatan must stay on its course to nominate PKR president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, for the sake of preserving our system of parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy.


Hank Marvin: Given the circumstances Anwar was absolutely right. Now let us listen to what Umno has to say.


But as of now, the Malay party has been hypocritical. Two decades ago, it was Umno who went around asking the power to appoint MB to be abolished. Now they are upholding it as they know only through the palace they can hold on to power.


Hbasill: It is great that DSAI (Anwar) has stood his ground and politely told the sultan that the state constitution is supreme.


However, the real challenge for me is how DSAI is going to handle PAS because his mishandling may force a big number of PKR supporters to move their allegiance to DAP or BN.


DSAI is in muddy waters as he himself must be angry with the latest twist to the MB saga because of PAS. The opposition supporters are watching.


As I see it PAS must be axed for the non-Malay supporters to continue supporting PKR. Let’s see what unfolds next.


NewMalaysia: Yes, this is what we want to see in true political courage to stand firm to protect the interest of the people and the constitution.


Despite all the adversities, the people can see clearly that PKR and DAP tried their best to uphold the constitution and the spirit of democracy.


PKR and DAP are bound to name only one candidate because only Wan Azizah command the majority support from the state assemblypersons, any other candidate will automatically be disqualified.


If the sultan insists on someone clearly without the majority support, then there's no need for Khalid Ibrahim to resign.


Kyrie Eleison: Anwar, you could not have said it better. Unless this country starts to respect the constitution and the rule of law, we will descend into anarchy very soon. This is what I really feared most.


Malaccan: Anwar has taken the difficult but principled stand and is the leader the country desperately needs. And his wife took the matured position to be the better Muslim and politician.


Even among royalty and religious leaders, despite their privileged lives and high stations, many have failed to live up to what this couple have sacrificed and their leadership.


If history is written fairly, they will be counted among the great sons and daughters this nation has birthed and that God has created.


Speaking Sense: If what Anwar says is correct, the question must now be asked: why do the palace advisers suddenly find the need to ask for more than one name this time when it is already very clear that the nominating Pakatan Rakyat coalition has a clear majority in the House?


And another question: was Najib hypocritical or lying when he accused PKR of disrespect for the sultan?


Malaysian 53: It was good of Anwar to apologise and state the fact of the matter. There is nothing more to explain because Anwar's few sentences says it all.


It is either HRH is wrongly advised or has not been properly briefed of the consequences of a stalemate and the possibility of the 'selected' MB losing the vote of confidence in the House.


Many of us dread to see the embarrassment that will befall the royal house on such a situation.


Proarte: Based on what Anwar has revealed, BN looks very hypocritical and sadly it also appears as though the Selangor monarchy is dancing to the tune of Umno.


The sultan must be seen to be neutral in a constitutional monarchy, otherwise the raison d'être of the institution is negated.


Furthermore, Selangorians may begin to question the relevance of the monarchy. This would be the regrettable outcome if Umno's carries out an unconstitutional and undemocratic attempt to influence the sultan.


Anonymous #57883242: Like it or not, Anwar is the only politician in Malaysia that has true courage to say what needs to be said.


MalaysiaMyhome: This is a defining moment in the history of our nation. I respect the sultan, but I respect the constitution too. Anwar and gang are just upholding the constitution and that's why they have my support.

The ball is back in Selangor sultan’s court

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