YOURSAY When a ship runs aground, who should answer for it? The captain.


Umno leader flays 1MDB board for letting PM roast


Negarawan: "The board bears the biggest responsibility in governing a company. But what the hell are they (1MDB's board) doing?" said Umno supreme council member Reezal Merican Naina Merican.


Please don't ever use the word "responsibility" with anything to do with PM Najib Razak or the 1Malaysia Development Board (1MDB) board.


They do not understand the meaning of responsibility, accountability, and transparency.


Reezal, you also do not understand the meaning of responsibility when you tried to instigate racial disharmony and discord in Penang last year.


Saphire: When a ship runs aground, who should answer for it? The captain obviously.


Similarly, 1MDB is on the verge of running aground and Captain Najib has to answer for it. Najib’s long silence on key questions involving the company shows him to be either ignorant or he has something to hide.


If it is the former, he does not deserve to sit as the adviser of the company, and by extension hold the finance portfolio. If it is for the latter reason, he has to face the music.


Mushiro: Reezal, who is an Umno supreme council member, has admitted that 1MDB is in a financial mess.


Reezal should then ask himself why did Najib appoint himself to be the chairperson of 1MDB advisory board. Who would have allowed tycoon Jho Low to have a free hand in 1MDB - Najib, Rosmah Mansor or the other board of directors?


Who has the authority to get the Malaysian government to be the guarantor for all the 1MDB loans, bonds and sukuks - Najib or the board of directors?


Who has the authority to bypass Bank Negara rulings to transfers huge amount of 1MDB money overseas - Najib or the board?


Who has the authority to approve the cheap sale of the Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) land and the Sungai Besi airport land to 1MDB - Najib or the board of directors?


Who has the authority to castrate Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and do not allow them to act - Najib or the board?


Reezal should not fool Umno or himself. Everyone knows the answer.


Odin Tajué: The answer is far too obvious for words, Reezal, but you are obviously too dense to see it. Najib is responsible for all the 1MDB mess.


The board members cannot say what they know and what need be said, for doing so will put Najib in a very bad light. Their only option is to leave it to Najib to speak.


Ablastine: Unfortunately it is not just 1MDB or the Goods and Services Tax (GST). The plunging Malaysian ringgit is making everyone poorer by the day as it takes lots more to buy foreign goods.


It started a long time ago but the pace in which Malaysia is heading toward bankruptcy is accelerating. It is so sad to see my beloved country slowly dying or slowly being killed by the moronic leadership.


Cantabrigian: Well, the 1MDB board members are just following the sterling example of their beloved adviser’s 'elegant silence'.


By the way, it's good to see Umno silently opening up its membership to other races (since most young Malays abandon the party anyway).


We now have Reezal Naina Merican and Tabung Haji’s Abdul Azeez Rahim and Ridhuan Tee Abdullah taking up good spots in a party known for exclusivity to ultra-Malays.


Grey Matter: As long as we don't change our system of government, investors will shy away from Malaysia. Why would a foreigner want to come to a country which seeks to impose hudud and encroach on the rights of non-Muslims?


Why would a foreigner come to a country where there is no rule of law and it has become a police state? Why would a foreigner come to a country where the judiciary has been compromised?


Why would they come to a country with there are sub-standard skill workers and corruption is a way of life? Why would they come to a country which asks you to subsidise a certain race and the business landscape is not a level-playing field?


Ask yourselves these questions - would you go to such a country even if it has glitzy buildings and beautiful beaches to invest and live?


Ratbatblue: If not for Mahathir kicking up a storm, it would have been ‘business as usual’.


And when the veteran politician issued the call for a probe, everybody wants to climb on to the bandwagon, irrespective of whether it is to support or pull down Najib.


My point then is: Mahathir has to be immortal so that he would be always around to keep a check and balance on the activities of the incumbent government,


In this country, there's nobody other than a long retired ex-PM who can demand such a probe.

Is this good governance, then? God only knows - the RM42 billion 1MDB debts may be only the tip of the iceberg.

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