YOURSAY ‘It is the cabinet ministers who should be giving the ultimatum to Najib.’


Take my way or highway, Najib tells cabinet


Jesse: Silence means the ministers agree with whatever that has happened. Call it collective responsibility and rightly so. Do not plead ignorance when the going gets tough.


This is a funny way of reducing debt - by borrowing more to pay off the loans. We haven't been told how much we are being charged for the privilege. How about some details?


This sort of wheeling and dealing does not contribute one iota to the nation’s wealth or productivity.


Rather, valuable assets given to 1MDB for a song are now being sold to reduce debt. Where has the money originally borrowed gone to in the first place?


Doc: Smart move by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak in demanding that cabinet members resign if they are not happy with his bungling of the 1MDB fund.


Najib knows that his fellow Umno and other BN component party cabinet members are like ‘sotong’.


Basically, they are all are spineless and have no balls to stand up for what is morally right. Also, they will not want to lose the perks of being cabinet ministers.


Saphire: Dear ministers, you are put there to safeguard the interest of the people, not Najib. No matter how much you love Najib, you are duty bound to question his handling of 1MDB.


In your hands is the destiny of Malaysians. If 1MDB fails and causes hardship to the poor, you are to be blamed for not speaking up. Yes, it is the poor who would be hardest hit.


Would not your conscience prick you - that you are enjoying the good life, while the poor are subsisting on the barest necessities - all because of your silence?


Dalvik: So, after all, this is a faux democracy: First you, Najib, told rakyat that you've got support from the cabinet.

Next, you told those who support you to quit, if they don't support you on 1MDB. If this is not authoritarian rule, I don't know what is.


Anonymous_1371508752: The battle lines are clearly drawn. You are either on the side of the 1MDB perpetrators or the rakyat.


Are there bold and courageous men and women of integrity who are willing to take a stand for righteousness and truth? The response is obvious.


Kamikasi: The issue troubling Malaysia is - where is the missing money? 1MDB is now trying to raise money to cover the lost money, which is now in the pockets of God-knows-who.


Some people are apparently enjoying the bounty at the expense of Malaysians. The PM is trying to dodge the issue. He knows who has the money and where it is.


All those loans, bonds and whatnot are to cover their asses and hopefully, cover the losses. Malaysians have been taken for a long ride.


Dont Just Talk: MCA president Liow Tiong Lai and deputy president Wee Ka Siong, Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong, MIC president G Palanivel, and minister Paul Low: is it the highway or Najib's 1MDB way?


To the rest of the cabinet ministers: now is the moment of truth - are you to continue supporting your prime minister, who failed miserably in explaining to Malaysians what caused the massive 1MDB debt of RM42 billion and the missing US$1.103 billion supposedly in cash, which was deposited with BSI Singapore, but then became assets and now it’s in units?


Where is your conscience and duty to the rakyat of Malaysia? Show Najib that all of you have chosen the highway and not the miserable salaries and perks as his ‘yes, Sir!’ cabinet ministers.


‘You help me and I help you’ is working, and International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) is pumping in US$975 million to bail out 1MDB. In return, what did Malaysia offer our Arab brothers?


As the Americans used to say, there’s no free lunch. The moment of truth has arrived, but, as usual, expect the cabinet ministers to stand by Najib with the eunuchs of MCA, Gerakan and MIC leading the way.


Mushiro: The cabinet ministers are the ones who should be giving the ultimatum to Najib to resign, not the other way round.


Najib has messed up the country and he is threatening to stop the gravy train for his cabinet members. But with a cabinet of this calibre, Najib can afford to easily manipulate them.


100% Truly Malaysian: This is the highway to hell for Malaysians. If not, why did Ernst & Young refuse to be the auditors? Why did KPMG "prepare" a nice report, but dared not sign it?


Why has it to be Deloitte, where Najib's son is a partner in the firm , do it with lots of clauses and disclaimers in its financial report?


CJ: Mr PM, the power to sack is in your hands. You can start sacking, starting from the deputy prime minister and anybody else who is in your way. I dare you.


Eagle: Ministers, are you for the nation or for Najib?


Bystander: It is just not about restructuring the debts and everything is okay again. What incurred the debts?


Of course, given time and the opportunity in acquiring prized land at ridiculous prices would, in time, be able to offset the debts when these are revalued to the current worth and sold off.


But what remains unanswered is how and what happened to the debts accumulated. Were the debts supported, accountable and legitimate in the first place?


But then, unfortunately, the kampung folk may not understand all this.


Nil: As you try to restructure to get out of the mess, more money will be lost, or disappear.


Any funds injected by third parties, in whatever way, will result in new debts, which need to be repaid one way or another.

And so the cycle goes on. You may need divine intervention.


Anonymous_3e21: Najib, if only you were a little bit smarter, you would know there is no point in fighting a losing battle. Do the right thing. Resign.


Makkal: This is the Darth Vader moment for him. May the force guide him to the betterment of the rakyat.


Hang on. It is going to be a rough ride from now on. Finally, he has developed the scrotal gumption to stand up to his team. This is definitely a tipping point.


Anon1: I would have thought the deputy prime minister would be the first person to resign. This shows that they will not get off the gravy train.


Zappy-Zapzap: Explain to us, in the common man's terms, how all these grand plans will reduce 1MDB's total debt and what new debts are created and for whom? Will the taxpayers not inherit these new debts in the final analysis?


Caripasal: Najib should challenge the lawmakers to table a no-confidence vote against him in the Parliament instead.


He should instruct the House speaker to allow the motion for the vote. There is no point threatening the spineless Umno division heads or the cabinet.


Be brave enough to face all the lawmakers. We will see if PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang shares Najib's bed.


Anti Sarkis: Najib can easily reply to the many allegations against him - even regarding the money in the Cayman Islands and Singapore - but is purposely not doing so.


He wants to allow them to rant, rave, scream and foam at the mouth and once the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has come out with its report, he is going to counter everything they say and make them eat all their words.


Not Convinced: Yes, we are all waiting for PAC to quickly finish its investigation into 1MDB - that is, of course, if the bosses don’t go AWOL (absent without leave).


Bert: This clearly shows the cabinet ministers and the BN cybertroopers are part and parcel of the corrupt government.


Citizens, what do you say? How will you vote in GE14? Do you have any conscience and fear God?


Ipohcrite: So far, no cabinet minister has resigned following the prime minister's ultimatum. And yet, the rakyat is not in the least surprised.


Could the rakyat have expected any other outcome? Please, get real. This is the Umno-led BN government, for goodness sake.

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