A short poem for Merdeka

V Thomas

Modified 22 Aug 2015, 11:58 am

The meaning and significance of Merdeka continue to evolve and change as the decades go by and with successive generations. More relevant descriptions need to be affixed to this celebration of freedom in tandem with the nation's transformation, needs, changes and challenges. Below, I have penned a short Merdeka poem that I feel embodies the present-day national scenario.


M alaysians need to celebrate this occasion with great joy. Greetings, flag-raising and parades should mark the day.

E ast and West Malaysia need to come closer through better interaction for progress together.

R acial harmony and religious acceptance are a must, otherwise as a nation we will go bust!

D emocratic reforms are needed for future advancement when all can have a stronger say in government.

E qual opportunities to share the economic cake will ensure in the country’s future all have a stake.

K ing and country must be served with loyalty. All need to strive for peace and security.

A ffirmative action for all the deserving people for this embodies best the 1Malaysia principle.

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