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Kit Siang: Umno folk want party to 'Save Malaysia'

I do not know whether to laugh or to cry when I read that the Sri Gading Umno chief and Deputy Transport Minister Abdul Aziz Kaprawi told his division’s meeting in Parit Raja, Johor yesterday that the Arabs donated RM2.6 billion to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to fight off “Jewish-backed” DAP because DAP was a threat to Islam in the country.

Does Abdul Aziz think that Umno has degenerated to become United Morons National Organisation and no more United Malays National Organisation as to believe in such trash by a power-hungry Umno neophyte who has no political principles or scruples to concoct bald-faced lies and falsehoods?

It is shocking that Abdul Aziz's moronic speech was made in the presence of the new Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister, as if Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has become the new chieftain of the United Morons National Organisation in Malaysia!

What a contrast between Parit Sulong and Parit Raja Umno divisional meetings, although they are just adjacent Umno divisions. So near and yet so far!

At the Parit Sulong Umno Division Meeting two weeks ago, the Parit Sulong Umno division chief Zulkarnain Kamisan spoke not only for Umno members, but was the voice of Malays and Malaysians when he started his speech with a scathing poem critical of the government.

Zulkarnain played a video of the poem ‘Kau ini bagaimana atau aku harus bagaimana’ by Indonesian poet Gus Mus.

The poet among others criticised the government for robbing the people of their savings.

‘Aku harus bagaimana?

Aku kau suruh membangun, aku membangun kau merusakkannya

Aku kau suruh menabung, aku menabung kau menghabiskannya’

(What am I to do?

You tell me to develop, and I develop but you destroy it.

You tell me to save, and I save but you finish it.)

Zulkarnain spoke for the grassroots not only Umno but the whole of Malaysia when he urged the government to address the issues of 1MDB, the Goods and Services Tax, and rising cost of living.

He said these were what the people have to deal with, and warned that voters would punish the party if these issues were not addressed.

Not speaking for the grassroots

But the Sri Gading Umno division chief and the deputy transport minister, Abdul Aziz Kaprawi did not speak for Umno grassroots or the grassroots in the country at the Umno division meeting at Parit Raja, as he was only interested to demonstrate that he qualifies to accelerated political advancements and other perks of office as Najib Abdul Razak’s chief boot-licker in Johor Umno.

Abdul Aziz in fact gave substance to the warning by the sacked rural and regional development minister Shafie Apdal that leaders should be wary of pengampu (apple-polishers) and learn from the tale of the emperor with no clothes.

Malaysia is facing an unprecedented government, political, economic and nation-building crisis. Never before has the government in Malaysia been so fractured. Also never before has Umno been so fractured.

But all is not lost yet. Najib has yet to prove that he has the support of the three million Umno members although he believes he has most of the national, state and divisional Umno heads (the Umno top 300) safely in his ‘pocket’.

In memory of Onn Jaafar, Johor Umno should pioneer the transformation of Umno from United Malays National Organisation into United Malaysians National Organisation and not allow the political opportunists and charlatans like Abdul Aziz Kaprawi to make Umno degenerate become United Morons National Organisation.

I had said that all is not lost or the Parit Sulong Umno division chief will not have declaimed Indonesian Mustofa Bisri’s (Gus Mus) poem ‘Kau Ini Bagaimana Atau Aku Harus Bagaimana’, the Langkawi Umno delegate Anina Saaduddin made the honest and courageous ‘kencing tiga juta Ahli Umno’ speech which had gone viral, the Pontian Umno division chief Hasni Mohammad made the shocking revelation that Najib bypassed the Umno supreme council and simply used mobile messaging app WhatsApp to decide whether he should reshuffle the cabinet or the Pagoh Umno deputy division chief Ismail Mohamad warned that Umno leaders should not allow one man to single-handedly be the cause of Umno’s downfall.

I believe that the three million Umno members want UMNO to ‘Save Malaysia’ by transforming itself into a United Malaysians National Organisation instead of degenerating into Abdul Aziz Kaprawi's United Morons National Organisation.

LIM KIT SIANG is DAP Parliamentary Leader and MP for Gelang Patah.

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