‘Not only good politicians, DAP has good actors, too’


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YOURSAY | ‘A poor caricature of the God of Fortune is nothing compared to what the country has lost…’

How to explain a poor God of Fortune, Gerakan asks DAP

CQ Muar: Gerakan Youth secretary-general William Chang, your party's credibility has hit rock bottom. Nothing you can do or say will have any impact in salvaging its image, therefore stop making an idiot of yourself with those illogical statements.

The Chinese New Year video is meant to send a message and remind PM Najib Razak and his cohorts how the public is suffering under his administration.

There's no need to try to gain brownie points as the Chinese are ashamed and humiliated with the way Gerakan and MCA are being led like dogs on a leash by a shameless leader like Najib.

Why are both parties, Gerakan and MCA, keeping silent over the many controversial issues and scandals affecting and destroying the country?

Malaccan: Gerakan, if it once was, is no longer the conscience of BN. It has become BN's apologist. Neither is it the intellectual centre of BN, much less of the nation.

The party is a noble idea that has gone terribly wrong and now it is less than a shadow of what its founders intended. It is nothing now but the overgrown tumbling hut inhabited by greedy interests and scheming connivers.

Its so-called leaders, young and old, are devoid of ideas or honoured standing to speak on matters of principles.

It relies on such young leaders to blow hot, fetid and pompous pronouncements to impress its political masters, convincing no one else, and standing on moral high ground it doesn't have or command.

Having a poor caricature of the God of Fortune is nothing compared to what the country has lost in terms of assets, time and talents during these dark years of BN rule in which Gerakan has a large part in playing.

In fact, it is fitting because it warns even a blessed nation like ours can be beggared by thieves. The people are not amused at Gerakan's continued propping of a government that is seen to be corrupt and destructive for the country.

It’s better for Gerakan members to repent for their contribution to the wrongdoings and join hands in the nation's rescue than continue to be a toady for its Umno masters and a parasite on the ailing nation.

Gerakan leaders and their families must redeem themselves of the fat of the land that they have fed off to the detriment of all citizens.

It has been rejected already. It awaits to be consigned to the rubbish bin of history and to the shame of generations.

Shanandoah: Gerakan supporters, have you all read the comments posted in Malaysiakini ? I guess you haven't.

DAP not only has good politicians but great actors as well. Well done, Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua and Kulai MP Teo Nie Ching.

Ipohcrite: MCA members should be more concerned on how to explain to their children why they aided a corrupt government to allegedly steal from the people and impoverish an entire nation, and threw their support behind a tainted head of government destined to go down in history as the worst prime minister of all time.

Malaysia Land of Milk and Honey: Ipohcrite, don't think you can continue to fool the people. 1MDB and RM2.6 billion scandals did not rob the rakyat but is being used by you and your ilk to try to spread hate.

Myop101: Please don't make a mountain out of a molehill on this God of Fortune issue.

Gerakan should explain the core issue at hand especially since 1Malaysia-Penang Welfare Club went round giving free food and entertainment during GE13 along with BN candidates (especially the Gerakan candidates).

What is Gerakan relationship with this 1Malaysia-Penang Welfare Club?

Turvy: There are more important values, such as honesty and truthfulness that are being daily abused by this man's (Chang’s) coalition party.

He should pay more attention to those abuses and try to correct them from where he is. The God of Fortune, Santa Claus and Bambi always have happy endings.

Opposition can’t be on same page, how to take Putrajaya?

Mantra888: We cannot and must not expect Pakatan to be a "bed of roses" for DAP, PKR and Amanah. There will be teething problems too.

However, I believe they will somehow find common grounds to work together for the benefit of all Malaysians and not theirs alone. That is the essence of coalition.

If there is no disagreement, then it's not a good sign. Let them disagree and bicker now, rather than to squabble when administering the country. Let them expose their strength and weaknesses for all to see. This is utterly constructive.

Jaycee: Well, let me ask you this… are all your family members on the same page? This sort of issues need time to be worked out so don't be too harsh on the opposition.

Unless they should practice what the minority government is doing - that is to silence all critics.

Anonymous_1371479577: Unfortunately, if PKR does not get its act together, it will lose the trust of the rakyat.

The rakyat wants political parties they support to be principled and consistant - and PKR should ask if they are.

Anonymous_1381103882: Stop this infighting! Even if the termination (of two PKR state assemblypersons from their directorships in Penang state-linked companies) is warranted, at least discuss them with the Pakatan council first before proceeding.

Everyone needs to take a deep breath and a step back, something DAP might want to start doing if it wants to govern the nation.

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