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When Umno propaganda gets into the way of truth

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YOURSAY | ‘There must be a law against such despicable and deplorable acts.’

Student claims Umno man stole her photo for anti-Bersih propaganda

CQ Muar: It’s disgusting, shameful and disgraceful for Umno leaders to resort to using unauthorised pictures of innocent people for their political ends.

We urge those involved to seek legal recourse for encroaching into other people's privacy by depicting the message wrongly and fraudulently.

Sue Selangor Umno information chief Zain Isma Ismail. Don't be intimidated by him. Who is he anyway, except a subservient slave in Umno?

Anonymous_1372741039: Yes, there must be a law against such despicable and deplorable acts. It is a reflection of how desperate the situation is for Umno/BN in their attempt to remain in power.

Such devious and uncouth methods to deceive the rakyat is truly disgusting. Malaysians in general must vilify and condemn such acts of utter desperation and take the responsible party or parties to court.

How corrupt have they become and how low are they prepared to go? Have they no fear of God?

Ferdtan: What an act of desperation. They had to steal photos from unknowing victims and photoshopped them. When caught, Zain Isma as expected refused to apologise, giving lame excuses that it came from the Internet.

The falsehood of the photo had been confirmed. Even if Zain Isma was not the one who altered the photo, as a gentleman he should issue an apology for the mistake because he had posted it on his Facebook.

Well, I guess that will too much to ask from any Umno leader. Zain Isma is no exception.

Anonymous 2423541466813406: I remember once a front page photograph of Utusan Malaysia was photoshopped showing Najib having lots of supporters at some event.

The photoshop was so bad that you can see the same person in the photo over 10 times.

So this is nothing new. It only proves that the person hired to do the editing is of poor quality.

Demi Rakyat: What do you expect from Umno? People with intelligence, integrity and concern for the rakyat?

When the president has billions of ringgit in his private and personal account, which were allegedly siphoned, cheated from the rakyat, you would expect the members to be in the same category.

Anonymous #95676433: Who in his right mind would be opposed to a movement against corruption and in support of a clean and democratic election? Only Umno, it seems. And is it even Islamic? Shame.

Rupert16: This is what they learn in Umno University - how to be corrupt, how to lie, how to cover up for corruption through abuse of power and then using race and religion to divide the people.

If allegations persist, keep an elegant silence.

Datuk Abdul Kadir Jasin: Bravo my children. You guys must stand up for truth and for your right. Speak up.

You mustn't allow yourself to be cowed and manipulated by morally bankrupt politicians. You should make politics cleaner and service-oriented by purging these immoral pretenders.

Ahlil Kubur: We expect some degree of integrity coming from the man, but what a shame, he has no accountability, is highly irresponsible, has no respect for using other people’s photo without prior approval and using them for the wrong reasons. Please apologise.

Nes: This episode shows the typical Umno mentality. Not only they are lazy (copying is easy) but stupid, dumb, cowardly, arrogant, blaming others and devoid of any decency.

Anakraja: Umno leaders are very desperate and will resort to anything. Umno and red shirts are no different.

Malaysians, beware, you might be an innocent victim and used by red shirts and Umno.

Who is the developer of Najib's new app?

Victor Johan: Najib Razak had announced on Facebook that his application "would give users the latest updates of his exclusive live features, as well as broadcast his activities and programmes".

Is the exclusive coverage being done on his personal private life and head of his household or is it as the prime minister of Malaysia? Who is funding the app development and launch - from his personal money or the government coffers?

Odin Tajué: By 'cost of the application', I'd presume the reporter meant the cost to develop the application. If my assumption is correct, then Resonate Digital (RD) is not obliged to furnish any figure.

But RD's refusal to inform him of the number of downloads is unusual. All developers of all software are only too happy to provide the figure.

In fact, the less trustworthy ones might even inflate their figures. High number of downloads equals popular, efficient software.

Alfanso: That’s the way to go Malaysiakini. Investigate and report. Love it.

Carpe Diem: At the rate things are going, very soon all mobile phones sold in Malaysia must have the app pre-installed and integrated into the OS (operating system).

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