Architect gets back wallet, says important to maintain faith in humanity

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It's quite rare for anyone to find his wallet, and that too, all within 20 minutes of losing it. 

But it happened to landscape architect Ng Sek San, on Thursday, which he described as "a special day and a good day".

This also prompted him to remind Malaysians that it is important to maintain faith in humanity.

In sharing his touching story in the social media, he expressed his gratitude to four honest passengers who were responsible for getting back his wallet at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Ng lost his wallet at an Express Rail Link (ERL) platform in KL Sentral and it was returned to him in a manner akin to a "relay race".

At the time, he was rushing to KLIA to catch an international flight.

"A young couple (from China) found it and passed it to a Malaysian Chinese gentleman who saw my name card in the wallet and called me," he said.

"I was in KLIA and he was going to KLIA 2 on a later train.

"He passed my wallet to a Malay gentleman who met and returned the wallet to me at the departure hall," Ng said.

He got back his wallet, containing a few hundred ringgit, some Indonesia rupiah and two credit cards all within 20 minutes after losing it.

"I was blessed. It was a special day. Dropping my wallet has become a good day.

"My special thanks to Yu Heliu from China, Steven Ooi from Penang and the guy who called himself Afta," Ng said.

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