Will Budget 2018 address flailing school system and weak economy?

Ramon Navaratnam

Modified 26 Oct 2017, 8:44 am

I would like to comment on Stephen Ng’s valid views regarding the state of both the education system and the economy in Malaysia.

The Minister of Education would have done us all a service by not even commenting at all, rather than defending the singing of the Umno song and the flying of the Umno flag in our national schools. Now it appears that the national school system is not only being politicised but has been Islamised and is also becoming more racially biased.

No wonder our Pisa (Programme for International Student Assessment) scores are low and the performance of our schools has suffered badly. Indeed where are we heading in terms of wasatiya, competition, modernisation and progress? Are we aiming to move forwards or backwards?

Moreover, do not forget that with the declining English proficiency levels as well, we have already come very close to receiving the status of a failing state, whatever the good growth rates may suggest. Now however, even the optimistic and diplomatic World Bank is finally expressing concerns and doubts over Malaysia.

So we better buck up or we will keep sliding down. But first, let’s see if Budget 2018 will meet our challenges adequately?

I sincerely hope that Budget 2018 will be bold in overcoming our many problems.

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