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Yoursay: Army vet Arshad, a patriot when it matters most

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YOURSAY | ‘He is protecting this country far better than those now entrusted with this duty.’

Army vet slams MACC silence on Mara's UniLodge purchase

Boeyks: Even though Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan consists of retired service personnel, strangely they are still protecting and defending this country far better and more effectively than those who are now entrusted with this duty.

This "dedak-eating" disease has reached epidemic levels.

Ronald: Good on you, Brigadier-General (Rtd) Mohamed Arshad Raji. You are a shining light, and you are setting a wonderful example for your fellow Malaysians.

You are not afraid to speak out against wrongdoing and it is amazing that authoritative bodies like the MACC are not investigating those involved in the Mara UniLodge scandal.

Worse still, they are overzealous in going after the officials in the opposition-held states of Selangor and Penang. This selective persecution is indeed abhorrent.

Robbed: This UniLodge scandal was reported in Malaysiakini two months ago by veteran journalist R Nadeswaran. Why is MACC still not done with investigating the matter?

I think this is a more straightforward case compared to the Penang Tunnel project. Can MACC focus their attention here, and work on the Penang Tunnel issue later?

Anonymous 2405371458107314: MACC only acts on circumstantial evidence or when then they perceive that there's corruption. When there is clear evidence of corruption, they will leave it up to the police.

The police will wait until somebody makes a police report. When there is no police report, there is no crime as far as the police are concerned.

No Bull: Many in the government and BN claim that they are the patriots. Is this what patriots do? Suck the country dry with corruption, and criminalise Malaysians who protest against corruption and abuse of power?

God is great. We pray and ask that He will bless us with a government that we can be proud of which will right the wrongs of these past 60 years.

Time is running out. Vote wisely. Patriotic Malaysians need to open their eyes and see what is happening to our beloved country. Do what is right for our country. Reject corruption, religious bigotry, injustice and the mismanagement of our nation.

Politician: I would like to suggest something for Pakatan Harapan’s consideration. Make it a must to declare to the public of all the investments outside Malaysia using public funds and further declare all the profits and losses from these investments annually.

I don’t think BN does it now because we seem to be slapped with surprises almost every week of late.

Anonymous 2393771451372105: Yes, I clearly remember the 1982 Auditor-General's Report on the RM4 Maggie noodles. The response from the purchaser was that they bought in bulk.

Any changes in the last 35 years? Yes, for the worse.

What if we bring back Mahathirism?

David Dass: Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad was many things.

The good things: he was intelligent, hardworking, disciplined, embraced innovation and technology, built our modern infrastructure, invested in heavy industry and manufacturing. We continue to see the benefits of such progressive thinking.

The bad things: his impatience to get things done quickly. He was intolerant of dissent and criticism. And he weakened our democratic institutions as they appeared to stand in his way. Strong deputies who might have succeeding him were either expelled or removed.

However, Dr M has been in the wilderness for some time. Like former DPM Anwar Ibrahim, he has had time and reason to contemplate the mistakes he has made. For a start, he would regard a strong and independent judiciary and a professional police force as absolutely essential.

Fortunately for us, neither side is all bad or all good. Change will hopefully keep things in check and in balance. Our destiny as a nation is to move forward. Not regress into some kind of medieval fiefdom.

Awang Top: I agree with writer Thomas Fann. We have never given a chance to the two-party system that is practiced in many other democratic countries.

The BN government has time and again failed to keep its promises and worse, has begun to lead our nation to a failed state.

What choices do we have? Do we advocate #UndiRosak or give the alternative a chance to prove itself?

Anonymous_3f4b: What is so bad about Najib’s administration? His governance is so much better than Mahathirism.

Mahathir’s pet projects were high-end and superfluous, like Putrajaya, Twin Towers, Proton, Perwaja, unaccounted usage of Petronas funds, etc, which have all been dismal failures.

His projects only benefit his family and his cronies. The rakyat did not get anything except the North-South Highway, which comes with tolls and the spanking new KLIA, which imposes unnecessary charges.

Mahathir started the Islamic Development Department and Biro Tatanegara which indoctrinate and shackle minds and stifle creativity.

He manipulated racial and religious issues to keep himself in power and at the same time dismantling the judiciary and the institutions of government, which have never recovered from the assault.

The ills of the country were all inherited from the two-decade-long Mahathir rule, which Malaysians abhor.

Anonymous_1419577444: People should stop living in the past. Look at how miserable we are now and what must be done now for a better future.

We should not keep frightening ourselves with imaginary monsters so much so that we dare not take a step forward on a different path.

WSL Am: I think Mahathirism can only arise if Mahathir is in BN with all the "yes men" around.

In Harapan, there are fewer "yes men" and all component party leaders are committed to the betterment of Malaysia.

With Harapan component parties, Mahathir cannot behave like when he was PM before.

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