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Yoursay: Paul Low spins like a top over CPI downgrade

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YOURSAY | How long before Malaysia’s CPI 2017 ranking is labelled fake news?

Minister attributes MACC 'aggressiveness' to drop in CPI score

Quigonbond: Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Paul Low takes over Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak as the punching bag of the week.

It's amazing anyone can attribute a plunge in Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI) to more aggressive actions by MACC.

China was also aggressive last year with its anti-corruption drive, and so was Indonesia. Did their index plunge or rise? This minister cannot be so stupid to think that Malaysians are not going to compare us with other nations.

The least he can do is to acknowledge that this is a problem and more needs to be done, even if he does not want to admit the elephant in the room which are the various scandals plaguing the BN administration from Felda to 1MDB; and at the same time political prosecution of the opposition, which Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) is obviously taking cognisance of as symptomatic of an advanced kleptocracy.

Vijay47: Low, going by your various statements over the past years, one could swear that you and Salleh are closely related. Neither of you seems in the least bothered that the amazing things you say are entrenched so deeply in imbecility as to evoke public ridicule or that you reflect sycophancy at depths totally devoid of self-respect.

You now hold that Malaysia's position in the corruption index has fallen only because of the greater measures taken. Do you expect us to believe that the yardsticks employed in determining the CPI are based solely on what is displayed for public consumption?

Just to understand your unique logic, perhaps you could explain how other countries rank so low in the index. They may possibly indeed practise corruption at massive scales while Malaysia has the misfortune of being too committed to eradicating this scourge, thus both groups score poorly.

Then again, maybe all is not lost - Malaysia's standing could be superior to that of Salleh's Zimbabwe.

Hearty Malaysian: Low, are you kidding? The CPI is not affected by the “aggressiveness of investigating more cases of suspected corruption” as you claim, but the selective inability to haul the real culprits of 1MDB, Felda, Mara, National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) as well as those involved in the purchase of Scorpene submarines.

How can we project any integrity when former attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail was suddenly retired due to “ill health” right in the midst of 1MDB scandal investigations, and the use of the Official Secrets Act (OSA) to hide the investigation results?

Someone Out There: Low, more than anyone else, should know how all this works since he was a former president of TI-M. So, please stop twisting the facts.

The “aggressiveness” in investigations by MACC was more like selective aggressiveness, and without any aggressiveness in prosecution.

What was most apparent was there was no transparency in most of the cases.

Lone Star: Low’s head is obviously in the sand and the words coming out of the wrong end. If this is not fake reasoning, one doesn't know what is.

Ace: Yes, what a dumb comment by Low. If an anti-corruption agency is aggressively going after those involved in corruption, that country's rating should improve - not drop!

However, if it victimises certain groups by harassing them with the flimsiest of excuses but dare not even start investigation and/or take action on those who are obviously corrupt (because of patronage/political affiliation), then the ranking obviously deserves to drop.

TTC: The minister is right; MACC should learn how to be low key about the prevalence of corruption, and not kick up so much fuss and embarrass our country in the eyes of the world.

Those who fuss about corruption should be hauled up and taken to task.

Everybody has a way of making a living; you have your way; I have my way. Low has spent so much time in the past fighting corruption, it is his turn now to reap what he sowed.

Negarawan: The drastic drop in the CPI ranking is an international vote of no confidence in MACC chief Dzulkifli Ahmad and integrity minister Low, who have failed to take any action against the burgeoning kleptocracy in Malaysia.

This comes as no surprise as they are appointees of MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) himself, put in place to protect his interests while intimidating and persecuting whistleblowers.

It is quite shameful for Dzulkifli to even suggest that he will create his own corruption perception index, which is akin to writing his own report card.

TI's CPI ranking 'shocks' MACC boss

Vijay47: Having frequent press conferences and monthly office assemblies all look very impressive, but, it is the height of hypocrisy, Dzulkifli, for you to claim that you are stunned by Malaysia's shameful CPI position despite the numerous measures taken by you and MACC.

The reality is that your action against corruption is not only deceitful but selective; where were you when the Felda scandals were going on merrily, where was MACC when the Mara property transactions were taking place in Australia, when London hotels were being purchased and sold like so many packets of Maggie mee?

Umno leaders were involved in these dealings up to their miserable necks - what have you done about them? Yet when there was even a faint whiff of something amiss in a matter concerning opposition members you pulled out all the stops.

The only thing more ridiculous than Umno's plastic bag offer must be your proposal that MACC have its own corruption index. Yeah, why not, you might also win the Asean Tourism Award.

Clever Voter: Just because MACC questioned some in the Penang government, arrested a few and put whistleblowers in jail, the chief expected an improvement.

The key word is perception. What diverse stakeholders believe and their opinions count a lot. Seeing is believing. Also, the opaqueness with which contracts are awarded.

Dzukifli could create his own index and brag about the accomplishments. After all, the walls are already being built so that no one knows what's going on inside.

Headhunter: Why should the MACC chief be surprised? Malaysians are not.

He should ask himself if the MACC had been carrying out their duties without fear or favour. Better still, since this is about the perception of corruption after all, ask Malaysians if they think so.

Wira: The CPI is skewed to favour Western or Western-leaning countries. In China, they shoot corrupt officials, including top politicians, while billing the bullet to the family and yet China is ranked even lower than us.

Flying Eagle: Want a good CPI score? Simple. Put MO1 between the goalposts, or even better, the ‘diamond queen’.

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