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Filipinos with false Muslim names fooling us

Sabah has been the receiving end of the flood of illegal immigrants from the Philippines since the 1960s. These people employ any means under the sky to sneak into Sabah. The easiest way is to impersonate that they are Muslims, and behave more Malay than the Malays.

When I was still in government medical service, a guy came to see me for treatment. The name was patently Muslim. Not long after that a guy was brought in dead after a heavy alcoholic binge. When I checked on him, I could instantly recognise that this was the same guy I saw some time ago.

What surprised me was that this time, the surname was Rodriguez, no tinge of a Muslim name. I asked the relatives whether indeed this guy was the same person whom I saw earlier but with a Muslim name. They replied in the affirmative that it was indeed him.

As I wanted more information to ascertain his identity, I hazarded more penetrating questions. Then the relatives told me that knowing that he won't be allowed into Sabah with his Christian-sounding name, he had assumed a Muslim name.

With a Muslim name he was given easy access to the land of plenty. As for the women, they would dress up in a 'baju kurung' matched by a headscarf as disguise when dealing with the immigration authorities.

In fact, thousands upon thousands of them have entered Sabah through this deception with the connivance of the immigration authorities.

In future, they may vote for the opposition and the possibility that they may take control of Sabah may not be that outlandish an idea. They would declare their allegiance to Manila. Thus fulfilling Manila's claim over Sabah as part of their territory.

As of now, many have acquired MyKads and have become fully-fledged bumiputeras. So don't be fooled by a Muslim-sounding name. They could just be part of the Philippines' long- term plan to acquire Sabah through socio-demographic engineering.