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COMMENT | It would be a great loss to Malaysia if misguided people prevent us from extracting and using the high clean electrical capacities of rare earth. Just as the lithium ion batteries in the cellular phones is not harmful even when we carry them everywhere in our pockets and put them to our ears, the mining and extracting of rare earth from Malaysian earth will not harm us in any way. – Mahathir Mohamad, 2012.

It does not matter what your position is on the Lynas issue. What matters is the fact that the Harapan government’s u-turn on Lynas makes the anti-Lynas activists look like a bunch of dodgy environmentalist who duped the then Harapan base with propaganda.

Keep in mind the dodgy environmentalists were supported by mendacious politicians who jumped on the bandwagon sloganeering and making promises that shutting down Lynas would save Malaysia...

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