Reflection of our current leaders

Azizi Ahmad

Modified 3 Mar 2020, 3:56 am

LETTER | I refer to "Time to reflect on what is important" dated March 3 Mar 2020.

The dramas played by the policymaker of our country has now become absurdly ridiculous.

Of late, Malaysians are in need of someone or something that is truthful, trustworthy or genuine.

We should be telling and sharing the truth, especially the reality of our Malaysian life.

Malaysians should be told that it’s time for someone to take over the lead, rather than playing the waiting and guessing game.

Students should admit if they did not really exhibit their own writings or cheat on a test, while educators should admit their flaws if they don’t really teach what they are supposed to.

The tongue-twisting drama, the U-turn statements, have somehow led to a cynical, sceptical, dispirited workforce, as honesty has diminished.

We need to develop positive actions which come from good and wise leaders.

As Gary Feldman once said: "An enterprise is the reflection of the leader. A fish doesn't stink from the tail, and a business enterprise would not just be successful or fail from the bottom."

To be a great country, leaders and people ought to inspire trust.

No one likes to be fooled. Making, spreading and telling lies appear to be normal issues in our workplace and the media.

Truth is fundamental, and we must be brutally trustworthy with own self.

Many of our leaders (especially politicians) have failed to admit and overcome their mistakes.

Many don’t own up and deal with it. Many seem good being "actors" or "pretenders of the universe". Statements made in the news or media do not represent the reality because you're afraid to exhibit that you too make mistakes.

Many pretend to look strong but their faces show that they lie. What you forget about is that no one will follow you until they know who you are.

Every now and then, new and excessive rules, policies and approaches have been made which breed mistrust in an organisation.

Showing the need to be in control shows you no longer trust anyone.

Now, go look at yourself in the mirror and ask how many good things you have done this week or how many times you have lied.

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