LETTER | Politicians are weakening Malaysia on all counts

JD Lovrenciear


LETTER | Not only is the coronavirus that is yet to run its full course putting a brake on economies and threatening the health of people the world over but so too are Malaysian politicians in this beloved land.

Never have we witnessed so much of power brokering, divisiveness and absence of concerted efforts to govern our beloved nation these past nine months.

Every day since the seventh prime minister signalled that his Pakatan Harapan would not uphold the people's endorsement of his coalition's election manifesto, the country has been sliding downhill ever since on the political route map of nation-building.

If the political coup of February 2020 was not enough, we continue to witness how politicians have not batted an eyelid to proclaim that they cannot work together for the betterment of this maimed nation.

Not only are we sliding even further on the economic strength, but our people are also suffering without jobs, failing businesses and uncontrolled, spiralling costs of living.

At some point, the social construct will burst on its seams. That does not need a political sociologist to proclaim. The signs are plastered all over.

While politicians battle it out, others are capitalising on the systemic cracks appearing on the four paradigms of nationhood - politics, economy, social and environment.

It seems that no one is of a leadership position is to be able to command 'enough is enough' and reign in the powers that be to put the nation on course ensuring peace, progress and harmony for all citizens.

In truth, the people are truly fed up with all these politicking and proclamations of 'Let us save the country for you!'.

The trust index is already at the minus level. Suspicion is riding high. Corruption is having a hay-day.

For certain crime is sporadic in such a weakened political environment where the government focus is confused.

In a climate where world economies are teetering on cliffs of imminent collapse; in a geopolitical environment where superpowers are edging closer to direct confrontation; in a future where we all do not know how this Covid-19 will play out before the world gets back on its feet and when - here in Malaysia, power tussles and fighting for the cream under the cover of party politics and rights and 'saving the nation' is what is ruining the country.

What can the people who truly care for each other and the country's future do?

Will we be further reduced to total helplessness in a systemic manner?

Where then the rests of our beacon of hope? 

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