COMMENT | 7 unintended consequences in M'sian politics since March 8, 2008

COMMENT | They say, "history is a bad motorist. It rarely signals its intentions when it is taking a turn". Sometimes, it is external factors like the strike of a massive comet, widely believed to have caused dinosaurs' extinction.

At other times, we know too little of the complex interdependence between actors in history. Social scientists called those surprises "unintended consequences". Others may call it "karma" or "poetic justice".

In "unintended consequences", outcomes disconnect from one's intentions because there are other actors whose reactions are overlooked by the original actor.

Thirteen years ago, on this day, Malaysia's history was changed by the "Political Tsunami". But few celebrate or commemorate it now, a year after the "Sheraton Move".

What if I tell you, from the 'Political Tsunami' to the 'Sheraton Move', and the five major events between and after them are just "unintended consequences" you may have overlooked?

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