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COMMENT | I don’t want my children to grow up segregated

COMMENT | The timelines on my Facebook and Instagram pages have been filled with photos of my friends sending their children to boarding schools like Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) and Fully Residential Schools (SBP). Rightfully so, since the schools in Malaysia are all fully operational now albeit with strict SOPs.

I went to a fully residential school and I have to say, boarding school is a good place to learn, not just academics, but also about life. Being surrounded by intelligent students and having to be independent, it is one of the best environments to grow up to be an all-rounded individual.

However, there were also aspects of boarding school that I did not appreciate. The one thing that disturbed me most was the fact that the environment in my boarding school was extremely homogenous. A majority of the students in the school were Malays.

Of course, I am Malay too (although I need to stress that I am mixed!) and there is nothing wrong with being together with other Malays. However, spending 24 hours of every day with the same group of people during your young and formative years, it will have an influence.

Let me relate to you another story. My eldest daughter is now 10 years old and...

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