COMMENT | Social media is now rife with all kinds of postings that are glorifying intelligent, independent and strong women. Why? This is the result of the video that was posted on social media by a doctor as well as motivational speaker Muhaya Mohamad in which she called for women to dumb themselves down in order to get married.

Both women and men are condemning her. The women are angry, rightfully so. They defend the fact that they do not have to be subservient to men. Men are angry and offended and are defending their women partners and friends by expressing how they are proud of them for being intelligent, independent and strong.

I could definitely jump on the bandwagon and wax lyrical about my wife, Sheril A Bustaman, whom I totally adore. She is opinionated, intelligent, strong, aggressive and fiercely loving and caring over me and my children. We are partners in every aspect of life, from raising and taking care of our little family to building our little media company.

We are definitely equal partners in all that we do and we complement each other. Where one is weak, the other is strong. We tag-team well and no matter what people say, we are so comfortable with the way our relationship is and constantly try to be even better. I don’t think we could have achieved whatever we have achieved if she was just bodoh-bodoh.

Oh dear ... I think I just unintentionally jumped on the bandwagon and accidentally waxed lyrical about how intelligent, independent and strong my wife is! My apologies!

It’s not that I don’t have a reaction to the video that Muhaya produced (which has now been deleted). I definitely do. But I don’t think being reaffirming intelligent, independent and strong women is the reaction. Now I’m trying to invalidate what everyone else is doing. By all means, we need to show our support anyway. How dare she ask women to act dumb. Right?

My reaction is that maybe the ...

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