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Covid-19 (Sept 12): 19,198 new cases, Sarawak hits new high of 5,291
Published:  Sep 12, 2021 8:28 AM
Updated: 4:09 PM

COVID-19 | The Health Ministry reported 19,198 cases today with Sarawak again topping the list.

Sarawak climbed to a record high of 5,291 fresh infections today, breaking the previous record of 3,747 on Sept 5.

The state also recorded more than 3,000 cases for the previous seven consecutive days, signalling that the pandemic's epicentre is now shifting from the Klang Valley.

The Klang Valley is seeing improvement with Kuala Lumpur registering less than 1,000 cases for 12 consecutive days.

Selangor also saw cases in the 2,000 range in six out of the last seven days, down from the peak of 8,792 on Aug 6.

  • Patients in ICU: 1,298 (Positive: 960; Suspected: 338)
  • Intubated: 744 (Positive: 4,444; Suspected: 300)

On the flip side, the 20,980 recoveries today exceeded fresh infections.

Some data will now only be available on the Health Ministry's CovidNow tracker and Github repository at 11.59pm.

This includes the number of active cases and deaths. That means they will only be reported in the media the following day.

The number of deaths reported yesterday was 592, a record high. The Health Ministry attributed this to a backlog.

New cases by states

Sarawak (5,291)
Selangor (2,347)
Johor (2,110)
Sabah (1,717)
Kelantan (1,435)
Penang (1,309)
Kedah (1,256)
Perak (1,118)
Terengganu (930)
Pahang (584)
Kuala Lumpur (376)
Malacca (340)
Negeri Sembilan (283)
Perlis (67)
Putrajaya (32)
Labuan (3)


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