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Deepavali and Hari Raya celebrations have brought some reprieve from recent tensions on the equity distribution. But, as the relentless wrath of Dr Mahathir Mohamad towards Abdullah Ahmad Badawi shows, some things just don't depart. The equity problem too will not vanish, even if we quash it or spook it away.

It is good that the dialogue has been going for quite a while. History will record few phases in which 'methodology' was used in engrossed and animated tones. But we are falling into the familiar habit of 'moving on' before resolving where we were.

Moreover, I fear that, after much debate and exchange, there is still a grave ignorance towards the actual CPPS paper and confusion on the issues of methodology and asset distribution.

I would collate responses to the CPPS paper into two main categories. First, the debate on market value versus par value and related discussion on stock versus wealth ownership. Second, the smashing of dialogue by the government and civil denunciation of such a tyrannical and immature measure.

I will comment on the question of methodology and the first set of issues, with more direct reference to the CPPS paper and some attention to questions of methodology. On the cancer of anti-democratic rule and regressive leadership enough has been said.

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