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LETTER | Malaysians no longer want change

LETTER | I know many will disagree with my view below and that's fine. Many will say I'm unpatriotic for my call(s). Many will pretend the elephant is not in the room. We make our beds and sleep on them. I'm only saying aloud what the rakyat feel but are shy to say.

My mantra these days is opposite to my previous beliefs - that I'm forced to abandon most. I will say to young Malaysians today: Leave Malaysia, if or while you can!

Until about 2018, I was one of the increasingly smaller minorities that believed we could save Malaysia from the majority. You read me right.

When Pakatan Harapan came into power and made some efforts to change/amend the terribly rotten system (top to toe, as wide as one can cast the net), I thought there was a new (and better) future for our kids and theirs.

Naively, I thought it was the dawn of a new beginning. But Harapan just didn't have the support nor the energy to implement good things... the very first thing it should have done was to put the court cluster in jail immediately.

No need to worry about the social outcry (nobody would have minded anyway… well, except the cronies and the greedy). These buggers plotted to bring Harapan down to save themselves: Looks like it is working too.

I no longer believe "we" want a change… I think the majority (note, I did not use 'bumiputera' as that term includes the many other sub-groups that are just as disenfranchised) do not want structural changes for the betterment of the country. If they did, given the atrocious judicial, official and endemic misconduct seen in the past 20 months, regardless of Covid-19, we would have had street protests as a minimum.

The "urban" Malay has also given up (and indeed, I know many who are planning to migrate) because if they say something, their clansmen will turn on them as being a traitor, etc. Religion is (mis)used as a weapon, with stupid and opportunistic edicts.

The majority just want a Malay-controlled everything (politics, economics and social structure) and for that, corruption, thievery, incompetence and even murder, is acceptable.

As long as the Cina babi or India keling are not given any power in this administration, it's okay. They like the three mongrels from MIC and MCA, and the few rats from the useless "Borneo" parties who kowtow to the Umno masters, kissing the boot of Perikatan Nasional and that ilk.

Let's face it: 35 percent of Malay Malaysians, 51 percent of Indian Malaysians, 90 percent of Chinese Malaysians and 99 percent of Others (already feeling as "dan lain-lain lagi") will (or have already) plan to leave Malaysia if things continue as now.

The exceptions to this hypothesis are those who are either too old, too poor, too sickly or benefitting from a lucrative position/business/legacy (ie those who couldn't give a damn about the social morass because they have a leg elsewhere).

Basically, those who have "no choice" are the only ones who will stay. Everyone else will move to greener (or saner) pastures. Of course, there will always be a few suckers for the punishment.

Whether GE15 can change the future is immaterial. Even if we as a nation voted to change, the corrupt and immoral politicians will jump ship and do the same traitorous stunts as done in the past 20 months. Whether Maju/Independents can be the game-changer, I doubt… many may still be tempted to switch camps after winning.

The proposed law to disbar the frogs is unlikely to be passed before GE15, mark my words (I'd like to be proven wrong). Everyone knows we are in a sinking ship and there is a lack of will by those in power to change it. Let's face it, everyone (well, almost) is in politics (and GLCs) to make money and at some point, will jump ship, for New Zealand, perhaps. It's been done anyway.

Worse, those caught with their hands (and legs) in the cookie jar are being let off with, at worst, a rap (not even a slap) on their palms. It's almost like, as long as you can "repay" some of the stolen loot, you can keep the rest and stand/remain as an elected representative. Well, they are not MY rep!

My dad tells me that this is the land of "milk and honey" that his father left Jaffna for in 1899. Unfortunately, my dad is stuck in the 1930s… this land stopped being the so-called "Nirvana" sometime in the early 1970s when the first Tun and his gang hatched a plot to take over the wealth and power for a few.

Contrary to what we had been lied to, the father of "development", in my opinion, had less than altruistic motives. (For those well-read in the May 13, 1969, incident - you know who were the real culprits - this matter is not for this piece). He plotted to create a Malay "control" elitist group and he succeeded.

Then, the bigger villain doctor, in the guise of "modernisation", enriched his cronies (and some say his family too) with rampant financial abuses, nepotism, corruption and everything bad that ends with an "ism". Each prime minister after him just made things worse but did not address the root cause of the rot. Some stole billions as we found out later.

So, for those who can leave, please do. For those who cannot personally but can send your kids abroad, please do so. Let's leave the majority (and inevitably their cronies of all races) to enjoy whatever the future of Malaysia holds.

When the "milk and honey" have been sucked dry, they will turn on each other. I suspect that at some time in the next 20 years, Sabah and Sarawak would have seceded - being unable to take this "Malay first/only" policies being dished out daily.

For those who cannot leave, perhaps entering politics would be a good idea now… if you can't beat them, join them? Oh, maybe by then, the newer immigrants like Indonesians, Bangladeshis and Rohingyas would be running this country? Don't scoff.

For now, I see NO HOPE for the future with the bunch of crooks in power currently.

Go West, young man… or even "under".

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

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