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COMMENT | Intan is a 29-year-old well-educated professional. A few months ago, she befriended a Hong Kong man via an online dating app. After only a week of communication and text exchanges, he confessed his love for her.

Intan was surprised by his declaration of love within such a short time, however instead of questioning his sincerity, she chose to believe him.

Come week three, as their friendly conversations turned romantic, the man asked Intan to be his life partner. According to him, he enjoyed her companionship and thinks they would be perfect for each other.

However, there was one small problem – apparently, he was doing better than her, financially. As he wanted Intan to be financially independent, her beau decided to share his success secret with her – investing in foreign currency.

“Do you love me?” he asked her. “If you do, let me help you...

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