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COMMENT | Malacca polls and the end of the Malay unity myth

COMMENT | The Malacca state assembly election is the bottom of the barrel as far as Malaysian politics is concerned. Two mainstream Malay parties are going to attempt to outdo each other in “ketuanan politics” in the hope that only one can be the standard-bearer for the kind of racial and religious supremacy that forms the anchor of BN-type politics.

Forget about the unity of the ummah. The reality is that the political landscape of Malaysia is not conducive to the kind of Malay-Muslim hegemony envisioned by Malay political structures that want to be the sole custodian of Malay rights and Islam.

Haven’t these numbskulls read anything by Syed Husin Ali about what happens if there are only Malays in Malaysia, which is the desiderata (desire) of Malay uber alles ideology? A couple of years back, the grand old man of Malaysian politics wrote about how an eventual class conflict would arise even if the Malay were the last people standing in this country.

Syed Husin discussed...

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