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COMMENT | In Kedah, DAP is demonstrating the right stuff

“The decision of the Kedah state government to not renew such gaming licences is ultra vires the Constitution as the power to issue such licences is exclusively within the jurisdiction of Parliament.”

- DAP's national legal bureau chairperson Ramkarpal Singh

COMMENT | As for the trouncing of Pakatan Harapan in Malacca, I wrote this a few articles back:

“Now, of course, all this boils down to messaging. Harapan’s messaging sucks. Nobody is interested in the principles that Lim (Kit Siang) talks about, even the non-Malays, because even when Harapan fails to carry out reforms, they would still vote for them anyway to spite Umno/BN/PN. Therefore, the base can take a lot.

“Harapan should tailor its message on a state level instead of attempting a grand national narrative that more often than not does not resonate. Mind you, these state-level messaging may at times conflict with the national message that Harapan is putting out.

“The goal is to be as vague as possible so the other side cannot pin you down. Hammer down bread-and-butter issues on a local level because, more often than not, national agendas mean very little to folks struggling to make ends meet.”

Having said that, DAP is on point when it comes to the Kedah issue.

Here, in the words of the Kedah menteri besar, is the key to religious and racial extremism in Malaysia:

"I am a Muslim and cannot gamble. Later in the hereafter, I will be asked what I did on this issue, and if I did not do anything, I will be punished. While I have the power, I should use it.”

Power, in this case, is used to...

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