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COMMENT | Migration and open borders is a basic human right

COMMENT | Human beings are resilient creatures. No matter where we are, we always do our best to survive. We either adapt to the environment around us or we leave and look for a better environment. It is our natural behaviour.

Look deep into world history and you will see how human beings have always moved around. Migration has been happening since the beginning of time.

Tens of thousands of years ago, human civilisation has always practiced migration. They would gravitate towards where there was water, usually rivers and seas because it was a source of food, travel, communication and, obviously, water.

They would also plant crops for food and when the land they populate loses its fertility, they would up and move again to find more fertile soil. That’s what it means when people say that we are willing to move to greener pastures. It’s just the natural way of us human beings since the beginning of time.

Basically, we practice it even until today. Cities, towns, and villages developed in areas that are strategic and where the best resources are available. Aside from that, people also move to where they feel they have the best opportunities to thrive, either for their careers or their families.

The most crucial reason for human migration is...

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