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LETTER | Let army, navy and air force handle calamities in future

LETTER | The recent floods which beset citizens and non citizens living in Malaysia were most unfortunate.

While the unrelenting rains for days and stormy weather can be called acts of mother nature/God, the resulting pain and losses, incurred by many were saddening and unspeakable.

Many relevant authorities were blamed for the multiple floodings which occurred in locations known to be prone but also in places where its residents were caught unawares by it.

Some locations, like the Taman Sri Muda, were found wanting in its long-overdue generator-less sluice gate for the proper functioning and drainage of excessive waters coming into the vicinity.

Those responsible must be held accountable. Many lives were lost as a result of human dereliction of duty. 

Investigations must be carried out in such affected locations to find human failings and the reasons for the floodings.

The ruling federal government, state governments and politicians were lambasted for their poor showings right from the start of the floods.

Maybe, going forward, the Defence Ministry should be given the powers to spearhead all such initiations in saving the rakyat.

The ministry, after all, does carry such a name with its ensuing role to be broadened. Come to think of it, the army, navy, and air force are already equipped for the role.

We must maximise their contribution to save the helpless rakyat from such calamities. And not just during times of warring.

Expectedly, the heroes turned out to be the common people on the streets and the foreign workers, who helped all over the country. 

Indeed, humanity saved the day for many and in a country like Malaysia, this showing was immense.

At the end of the day, we rakyat need to be reminded, that we do need one another always because one can never know whats coming ahead.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

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