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LETTER | Why is MACC silent on the six flood retention pond sites?

LETTER | G25 is disappointed that to date, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has not responded to the call made by Member of Parliament Hannah Yeoh to state its stand on the report by the auditor-general to the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament that the six sites earmarked for flood retention ponds a few years ago in the Kuala Lumpur area have been approved for other purposes.

We believe that the MACC should investigate whether there are vested interests behind the change in land use.

In view of the recent flood disaster and the terrible loss suffered by the flood victims, the MACC must expediently discharge its duties and show that it cares.

Similarly, we are disappointed that the MACC has been silent on Terence Gomez‘s calls for internal discussion within its advisory and consultative panels on the revelations circulating in public that the MACC chief commissioner owns substantial shares in the business sector.

In his resignation letter, Gomez explained that all his letters to MACC calling for an internal probe into the allegations remained unanswered. All this conspiracy of silence adds to the suspicion that there is something wrong within the organisation.

We call upon the MACC to urgently and publicly address this controversy as this is essential for maintaining public confidence in the country’s designated agency for fighting bribery and corruption.

The anti-corruption agencies of Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia have gained much respect for their achievements in dealing with the problem of corruption, including cases involving high-ranking officials.

We hope the MACC will show it can do the same. But first, it must clean up its own house.

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