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COMMENT | How we embolden the corrupt

COMMENT | Has Malaysia sunk so low that not only politicians in government but a top law enforcer is accused of dishonest conduct?

Instead of acting quickly to investigate the alleged wrongdoer, the government drags its feet and has to be goaded. Such a slothful response naturally draws public criticisms. A competent and conscionable government does not need the rakyat to tell it to do the right thing.

What does it say of a nation when a former prime minister while in office was caught stealing and later convicted in a court of law? That's not all. He has so far evaded punishment and is still given privileges denied to others and allowed to roam free and act as if he has done nothing wrong.

There is an adage that states unless punishment for wrongdoing, especially of those entrusted with public office, is executed quickly, others will be emboldened to commit wrong.

What a farce law enforcement has become when the country's top graft buster is now exposed as an alleged wrongdoer himself. The MACC's integrity is now cast under...

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