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COMMENT | Hundreds of youths spook Azam Baki and Ismail Sabri

"Polis halang kami dari keluar dari Restoran Amjal dan minta IC untuk catatkan butiran. (Police stopped us from leaving Amjal Restaurant and asked for our IC to mark down our details.) So we are all standing around here and are not allowed to leave. To be clear: they are refusing to allow us to leave."

– Muda co-founder Dr Thanussha Francis Xavier (Twitter)

COMMENT | I wonder what is going through the mind of embattled MACC big cheese Azam Baki. The state security apparatus locked down swathes of the capital because concerned citizens are calling for his arrest.

Citizens were inconvenienced because of him. Businesses were inconvenienced because of him.

In the end, a couple of hundred kids trolled the state security apparatus who did their utmost to ensure the rakyat was punished for their right to exercise free speech.

The state security apparatus did so by locking down, intimidating, and harassing the rakyat they supposedly work for, and of course ignoring the spirit of the laws they are supposed to enforce.

And it is so galling. You have the head of an agency that is supposed to be on the side of the rakyat when it comes to corruption, allowing the state security apparatus to act in his name.

And if he objected to such heavy-handed actions by the authorities, he could have issued a statement.

This is all because of one man. One man who is supposed to be scrupulously free of the taint of corruption and go after the kleptocrats who are turning this country into a banana constitutional monarchy.

Or maybe he is just allegedly supposed to do that.

I have no idea how anyone can take the MACC seriously when the head honcho cannot even keep his hands clean from allegations of impropriety.

Of course, rumours are circulating that as head of the MACC, he has the goods on...

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