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COMMENT | Azmin Ali’s presence a provocation to rational Malaysians

“If a man thinks he is not conceited, he is very conceited indeed.”

- C.S. Lewis

COMMENT | In a recent presser, International Trade and Industry (Miti) Minister Azmin Ali said: “Thus, I rarely talk about political issues at Miti and I hope you will also not provoke me with political questions” - which is complete horse manure.

In 2019 after the Semenyih by-election loss, Azmin, who was the economic affairs minister and most probably in collusion with other actors planning the fall of the Harapan government, said: "We must be brave and not hesitate in fulfilling our promises, especially on the Malay and bumiputera agenda, which is an integral part of the national agenda.

"We must do so without feeling apologetic or fearful of the criticism of others."

So not only is Azmin hypocritical - which is axiomatic - he is playing the same game now as he was playing then. He is making sub rosa moves to destabilise the current government for his personal political benefit.

Keep in mind that Bersatu, which Azmin latched on to, is composed of individuals who were never really interested in a multi-racial coalition. What they wanted was...

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