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LETTER | Will smoking end game succeed or cause chaos

LETTER | The new law that has caught the eye of the public is the GEG law, which is also known as the Generational End Game.

The point of the law is to ensure that the consumption of tobacco could be decreased and stopped as a whole when the law is finally implemented among those who are affected by it.

Disputing views have been given by the authorities and the public, yet the government hasn’t given a definite answer to the law that they are trying to implement.

In this article, I wish to share my personal opinion on what could be done by the government as well as how we can consider the public’s opinion, which is the opposite of what the government wants to initiate.

It is no doubt that the consumption of tobacco is a serious matter in today's society.

Even though it is not documented by the law as much as it is documented through the experience of many, people start smoking at the age of 14 to 15 due to peer pressure.

This is a huge problem because smoking has dangerous effects. Those effects could cause major health and life issues as a smoker grows older. However, why is GEG disputed among the authorities and the public?

Firstly, it must be noted that wars against substances have never worked out in any country ever.

The reason being is that, once a substance is illegal, there are no guidelines given by experts that are known to the public eye on the dangers of using it.

For example, the war on drugs that happened in America only increased the usage of drugs among their citizens. Deaths and crime rates increased too. This is because people are using substances without control from the government.

Most governmental and private health care institutions agree with the implementation of GEG.

They believe that finding a way to permanently stop the usage of tobacco could help decrease any future health issues that would impact the life longevity of the people.

This is true in all senses. However, it must be noted that the implementation of GEG as a stand-alone law is not enough to stop chain smokers from smoking.

This is the current stance of all the professionals out there. There has to be a solid method that includes the other sectors, joining in together to curb the total usage of tobacco without shocking the public in general.

The decisions made by the government could bring a huge impact on the future generation of this country.

If smoking could be erased, gradually or immediately, without upsetting the people on the ground, thus it is a total green light that would satisfy the masses in the long run.

However, if it will cause havoc and dissatisfaction, the decision makers should recheck their routes for the greater good of the people.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

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