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COMMENT | Poor little rich man Najib’s medical melodramas
COMMENT | Najib Abdul Razak was the great Bugis warrior, full of fire during the Johor and Malacca election campaigns. Yet after being jailed, he portrays an image of someone on the brink of collapse.

So is this a great Bollywood performance? A brazen attempt to gain sympathy? To ramp up public pressure for a royal pardon? To get out of jail through overseas treatment? Or is he really ill?

One does not wish to be unkind. But the problem with Bossku is that he has been so shameless (malu apa) in his lies – “I didn’t know about the millions going into my account” – that people wonder if he is now the boy just crying wolf.

Is he faking it? Just to get out of prison and into a comfy hospital bed, where relatives can bring him delicious foods? After all, as his daughter Nooryana Najwa revealed on Aug 30, Najib is a “big foodie” and loves his Starbucks caramel macchiato.

This led to artist Fahmi Reza creating a satirical graphic that Kajang prison would soon have an in-house branch of the famous coffee chain...

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